Friday, October 28, 2011

the heat hog.

we tend to keep our house on the cold side (we have an oil furnace and filling it is EXPENSIVE.)
not only that, but nate and i both like a cold room when we sleep so it works out well for us.
piper, on the other hand, isn't comfortable until its at least 75 degrees inside.
considering she was an outdoor dog before she came to live with us, this is a bit ridiculous.
every time the heat kicks on, she comes running from wherever she is in the house to park her butt in front of the largest heat register.
she'll even wake up from a dead sleep if she's cold enough.
and now that i have a fire going most nights, she parks in front of there as well.
its pretty cute until i want to stand in front of the fire too and we both have to jockey for the best spot.
it's shameful to admit this, but she usually wins.

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