Sunday, October 16, 2011

whip it, real good.

ok, i'll admit it - i'm not exactly a stellar driver.
especially when it comes to reversing. ahem.
whenever i have to back down my driveway, i inevitably end up driving through half my yard.
nate doesn't find this nearly as funny as i do.

anyways, a couple weeks back when amanda and i went to the coast, i had the unfortunate (for me) task of backing down a rather steep, curved driveway.
with a car parked next to me.
all of which spells disaster.

amanda, peering out the window on her side, trying to direct me: oh, whip it.
me: am i close?
amanda: oh man, whip it. whip it real good.

and that's the precise moment that i had to put the car in park because i was laughing so hard.
she didn't even realize what she said until i said, whip it real good, eh devo?
ahhh, i love her.

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