Saturday, November 26, 2011

cash in november.

-- he's really starting to play the 'repeating game' - i love watching him try to connect his brain to his mouth to get the words to come out right. (couch is almost always church on the first try.)

-- he is in love with a stuffed christmas dog toy he found at petco.

-- he uses "m's" when he should be using "b's" and "o's" when he should use "m's." trying to decipher what he's saying is not unlike speaking to an angry foreigner.

-- he throws 10-second tantrums. that's typically all it takes in time-out before he comes to me with his apology hugs.

-- we've watched the original cartoon grinch movie about 7 times. and it's not even december yet. i shouldn't have busted out the christmas movies in front of him.

-- he's always the best behaved when i least expect it.

-- he ate nothing but peas and cranberries at thanksgiving.

-- he likes to run around shirtless in the morning. even when it's freezing cold.

-- every morning he comes into the bedroom, flips on the light and climbs in to snuggle for 10 minutes. it is hands down the best way to start my morning (i could do without the light though.)

-- when we're at target, he'll point out certain clothes and yell, "cuuuuuuuute!" he actually has pretty good taste. most of the time.

-- anything that is not HIS idea, is a BAD idea.

-- he tried to cat-nap his aunt lisa's cat when we were leaving her house. he wants his very own kitty SO. BAD. (no, santa isn't bringing him one. the pets don't need to outnumber the humans here, thank you very much.)

-- he hardly gets any milk anymore because i refuse to give it to him in a bottle and he refuses to drink it out of a cup. i don't think he realizes he's dealing with the MASTER of stubborness.

-- he takes a nap about every 3rd day. i'm learning to live with it.

-- he gets his little feelings hurt so easily. i always feel like crap when i do it without realizing, only to find him standing there in tears.

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