Monday, November 14, 2011


cash and i just got back from a quick 5 day trip to california to see our family.
it was the first time cash has ever been out of state, first time on a long (ish) road trip, first time meeting a lot of our family.
it also marks the first time we've ever been away from nate for that long (myself included.)
it was a little rough.
when nate got home from work the morning after we got back (the first time we got to see him) i've never seen him look so happy.
this is the last time i'm ever leaving the state without him though - while we were gone he went car shopping and found the perfect car (which we bought) and we may have also adopted a cat.
clearly he can't be trusted.
in any case, i don't ever want to forget:

-- cash getting worried and scared the first night when we kept driving and driving. at one point he realized there was no way we were going home and started crying. i had to call nate so he could talk to him and calm him down.

-- stopping at rest stops to pee and run laps with cash to burn up energy.

-- trips to the coolest park down the street from my grandparents house; trips that always ended in epic meltdowns.

-- cash giving himself a black eye when he ran into a door knob.

-- cash and i going swimming at 8:30 in the morning. he loves the water and spent the entire time jumping off the edge into my arms.

-- walking laps around the hotel in our jammies to let mom and lisa sleep a bit longer.

-- breakfast at the hotel (omelet and hashbrowns for me, bacon and cantalope for him.)

-- my grandpa teasing cash just like he used to tease me. cash didn't take to it too well at first but eventually started dishing it right back to him.

-- cash watching the wizard of oz, holding hands with my grandpa and lisa.

-- daily starbucks runs (as soon as we got into the car at the hotel cash would say, "coffee? coffee?" awesome.)

-- cash falling asleep on the couch, goldfish in hand, with a house full of loud, crazy people. he snored away for 2 hours.

-- at night when he was ready to turn the lights out and sleep, he would grab my head and put it on his chest. i wasn't allowed to move until he finally drifted off (if i tried, he would grab me and put my head back.) it was the best. until 3 in the morning when i would get a finger up the nose or a knee in the rib. we haven't slept in the same bed since he was an infant and i won't lie and say i didn't enjoy it.

-- cash and i cuddling in the big grey chair, him eventually falling asleep so soundly that i had to eat dinner with one hand, my plate balanced on the arm, because i couldn't get him to move.

-- cash completely forgetting how shy he is, saying a great big, "Thank you!" to my aunt and uncle who gave him some Thomas the Train toys.

-- cash eating a package of tortillas almost entirely to himself. my grandpa makes them the best. (cash agrees.)

-- getting completely embarrassed when my grandma started making perverted jokes. i'm going to need so much therapy.

-- getting a sweet little kiss from my youngest cousin.

-- cash getting a huge smile on his face every time we called nate.

-- sending nate a billion picture message updates about what we were doing.

-- completely biffing it on this spinning toy at the playground. like, bad. it was hilarious.

we can't wait to go back.
with nate, of course.

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