Wednesday, November 16, 2011

the cuddle-bug.

cash has become quite the little cuddle monster.
it's absolutely the best part of my day.
sometimes he lies down on the couch and make me put my head on his chest while he sticks his fingers in my ear (which isn't really as annoying as it sounds.)
sometimes he sits on my lap, making sure my arms are securely around him, and place his head on a very specific part of my cheek.
and sometimes he'll just lean his little face against mine, so our cheeks are touching.
when he does that, i forget to care that he filled the couch with bits of blue play-dough or that he snuck into the kitchen cupboards and ate half a box of fruit snacks.
i love that sweet boy.

[[remember the boy that wouldn't ever wear hats? now he won't take this one off.]]

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