Thursday, November 3, 2011

wherein i practice chemical warefare.

cash got his first bee sting yesterday. and his second. and his third. and possibly fourth.
he was outside playing while i was in putting away the groceries.
he had already managed to get his gloves tangled up in some blackberry bushes so i was keeping a closer eye on him than usual.
i had just opened the front door when i heard him let out an earth-shattering scream.
i bolted outside to find him standing in front of a bee's nest, covered (literally, COVERED) in bees.
they were all over his little hat, on and inside his gloves and crawling all over his jacket.
i whipped his gloves and hat off and was carrying him inside when nate came dashing out, wondering what the hell was going on (he said he thought cash had lost a limb, he was screaming so much.)
cash is a toughie and stopped screaming hysterically fairly quickly but he got stung pretty good on his hands so i set him up on the couch with a movie and a bag of frozen peas.
and then i started plotting my revenge.

i've always had a fairly cavalier attitude towards bee's for some reason. they just don't frighten me. (i remember getting right up close to the bee hives in the blueberry fields to investigate. stupid, i tell you.)
i've known that the bee's had made a nest there but up until today they haven't been an issue.
so i started researching inventive ways to poison them with homemade remedies.
and i after a little google education, i came up with a little concoction of red pepper flakes, pepper, dish soap and warm water.
and thus began my 'chemical' assault.

this is another one of those times that i'm glad i don't have neighbors.
because the lady who screams, "DIE BITCHES, DIE!!" while holding a bowl of poison doesn't get invited to block parties.
i'm happy to report that it worked and killed dozens of them.
unfortunately, i think its going to take a couple rounds before i get them all.
which is fine.
cause those bastards are going DOWN.


  1. Oh my gosh, how scary was that! Wonderwoman to the rescue!

  2. Oh, my poor little guy. Go get'em momma...

  3. You can still come to the block party, just bring your bee spray!!

  4. Sarah--So sorry poor little Cash got stung BUT DON'T KILL THE BEES! They're needed!!! There's this thing called Colony Collapse Disorder and apparently it's pretty widespread and sort of an epidemic! Look on craigslist--there are several people that will come and relocate them for FREE!! =)