Thursday, November 17, 2011


[nate, rooting through the freezer] why is the cool whip in the freezer? how am i supposed to eat it?
me: you are not supposed to eat it. it's for cash's birthday cake so HANDS OFF. 
nate: well that's not very nice.
me: i swear, if you even LOOK at it, i will beat you.
nate: you know, i think you've gotten meaner.
me: oh, whatever. SHUT THE FREEZER.

nate happens to have a pretty wicked sweet tooth and there are certain things that he just can't be trusted with.
cool whip being one of them. (along with frosting and any sort of sour, gummy candy.)
i've learned to take extreme measures over the years to keep him out of stuff i don't want him to eat.
he more than makes up for our kid that doesn't like sweets.
good thing he's cute.

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