Friday, December 16, 2011


our furry little ferret monster turned 5 this past summer.
with a life expectancy of not much longer than 6 years, we knew this next year could be it.
so it shouldn't have come as much of a shock when i took him out of the cage the other day and he was skin and bones.
his weight has always fluctuated from season to season but he's never been this thin.
i'm afraid that this winter might be it for him.
and while i whine and complain about changing their litter box, tripping over their toys in our dark bedroom and finding teeth marks in our leather belts...i'm really going to miss this guy when he finally goes.
he was our first pet together.
sure, sometimes i still wish we had gotten a cat.
but i love this smelly little guy.
and i sure will miss him.

[[just wanted to add, he does still seem to be eating/drinking regularly but he's just not gaining weight. nate thinks his hips might be going out too because he walks like a stiff old man. i loaded up on ferret vitamin supplements at petco the other day so we're hopeful that will at least keep him from getting malnourished.]]

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