Tuesday, December 6, 2011

i swear this isn't going to turn into an 'all baby, all the time' thing.

but if i don't write this stuff down somewhere, i'll just forget:
- i get sick about every other morning but i dry heave every day (if that's too much information, i'm sorry.)
- i don't want to eat anything but breakfast food. it's a french toast party over here.
- i already look like i ate a big lunch (aka, i'm a little ummm....poochy down there) and it's a bit depressing.
- i could do with at least one nap during the day. which i never get because cash doesn't nap anymore. ever.
- i actually have days where i genuinely feel pretty good, which is different than last time. then again, last time i was a big crabby pants and i think i made myself worse subconciously.
- i also think i may be mellowing out because i let two (TWO) people touch my stomach the other day and i didn't punch either of them in the face. granted, it was two of my closest friends but still...no one was safe from a throat punch last time.

taken last week. see? big lunch.

i had my first ultrasound today (an experience that i'm a little scarred from, not gonna lie. when she whipped the internal wand thing out, i thought i might faint.)
baby is measuring about 9 weeks with a strong heart beat at about 170.
so all is good in the ol' uterus.
(and before you whip out your 'baby girls have higher heart rates than boys' theory - cash's heart rate was between 165 and 175 my whole pregnancy. sorry heather!)  
and while i was pretty sure we were having a human, turns out we're having a snowman.

don't see it?

total snowman, am i right?


  1. Ha! Way to call me out. Oh, and I totally agree with the ultrasound stick thingy. Um.... freaked me out too at first.

  2. Well you can look at it this way. In July this should be easy because the baby will just melt away during delivery...

  3. Sorry Heather - it's cause I love you!
    That was just as much for my family's benefit too though :)

  4. I totally called the snowman theory!!