Friday, December 23, 2011

this boy in december.

- he is so sweet and patient with me in the morning (you know, while i'm hanging onto the toilet for dear life.) sometimes he'll stroke my hair, other times he'll wipe my face when i'm done. it absolutely kills me. of course, there are also the times that he tries to shut the lid on my head. you just never know with this kid.

- the other day, my bestie julie was visiting. she was giving me an update on something that is going on with her family and she was getting a little agitated about it when cash came in from the other room and gave her a hug. then he grabbed my arm and made me give her a hug too. he doesn't miss a beat, that one.

- he is obsessed with our christmas tree and has lovingly redecorated it countless times. so far, no broken ornaments (that i've found at least.)

- he still has a complete lack of interest in the wrapped presents; our tree has tons of gifts under the tree and he doesn't give them a second look. not gonna lie, its kind of awesome.

- he's finally to the point where it isn't a chore to take him to the grocery store and loves to 'help' in any way that i'll let him.

- he is adding new words to his vocabulary every single day. he never stops talking, though most of the time it still doesn't sound like english.

- i'm cracking down even harder on bad words in front of him (mostly on nate and my friends...i don't swear that much.) the other day nate let one slip and cash repeated it clear as day. nate looked at me and said, "did he really just say that?" "yup." "wow...i really need to watch my mouth." um...duh honey. sheesh.

- the days of him sleeping straight through the night (or sleeping for 12+ hours a night) are long gone. he's been getting out of bed at random times, having difficulty falling asleep and comes into our room at 6:30 most mornings. considering he's never gotten up that early since...ever, that's freaking early.

- bathtime is a screaming match and more than once i've considered just wiping him down with a baby wipe.

he's such a rad kid - i'm so lucky to be able to stay home with him.
even if it means lots of tap dancing videos.

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