Wednesday, December 21, 2011

this week and a gratuitous belly shot.

we're on week 3 of at-home preschool and it's going...ok.
last week was full of hits and misses but i did experience the best day cash has had yet.
julie was here visiting for the day so maybe he was just doing it to impress her (which is fine by me) but he paid attention the full half hour, watched the sesame street video more than once and was just being pleasantly cooperative.
it was awesome.
the start of this week was pretty rough - he was running a fever and sick all day so it was a bit of a struggle to get even 10 minutes out of him. but 10 minutes is better than nothing.
i'm starting to at least get some of a glimpse as to how he learns best (by watching, not doing. and dear god, don't put him on the spot.)
i'm constantly changing and adapting the curriculum and pretty much spending our entire 'school time' talking his ear off.
i know that he's listening, he's just too stubborn to interact much (and when he does, it comes as a total surprise to both of us. today, out of the blue, he pointed to the picture of a C that he had colored and yelled, "C!" and when i congratulated him, he got mad and sulked off. sigh.)

and in pregnancy news...i'm still sick every morning but typically go the rest of the day feeling ok.
-i think this time of year is the worst to be pregnant and 'trying not to gain too much weight.' this baby has had a steady diet of oatmeal cookies and banana-almond muffins. it's bad. and delicious.
-i'm weird about different things this time (ie, not punching people in the face when they touch my belly. i do reserve the right to slap any stranger that tries it, however.)
-this time, i am getting irritated when people ask if we've chosen names. i don't know why - i can't even explain it. (for the record, we haven't. which makes it even weirder that it bothers me.) apparently i won't be telling anybody once we do. because my pregnant self is insane.
-this time around the aches and pains are hitting me shockingly early - i instantly feel a difference in the morning if i skipped yoga the day before (not that it stops me from skipping...i'm not very smart sometimes.)
-cash keeps pointing to our ultrasound picture and asking "is that? is that?" when i tell him it's the baby, he gets the most puzzled look on his face. it's adorable.

and that's about what's happening in our neighborhood.
nate finally gets some days off starting thursday and we all can't WAIT.
we're taking cash on the 'polar express' up in hood river and i'm pretty sure nate and i are the most excited. (we get to see santa! what? that's exciting.)


  1. Um, your belly is SO CUTE already! Oh, and - MAJOR props on the "at home" school you've got going on over there BTW. I was never that ambitious when my kids were 3. LOL!

  2. Awww, thanks Heather. You always make me smile :)