Sunday, December 11, 2011

this week.

cash likes to keep busy and when the weather is nice, it's a cinch.
we can spend hours upon hours outside and he's happy as a clam.
during the winter, it's a bit more of a challenge.
and since this is the first winter that i'll be at home, i decided that cash needed something to help keep him occupied.
thus, the plans to do at-home preschool was born.
i'm following (loosely) a curriculum i found online that focuses on a letter, number, shape/color and overall theme per week, in half hour chunks over 4 days. in addition, we're doing some sign language and simple spanish words just for kicks. (little known cash fact: he says boots [as in his rubber boots] in spanish. i called them botas one day and it stuck in his little brain. it's the cutest.)
i'm not gonna lie - putting all of this stuff together took me ages. towards the end i felt like i was in construction paper hell.

hopefully it will all be worth it.
last week was our first week of pre-school.
the first day he was totally into it for the full half hour. the second day he lasted about 20 minutes before asking to watch tap dancing videos (his reward for participating.) the third day was rough - 10 minutes in he was over it. i even tried to bribe him with sesame street videos about squares (which was the focus for the day.) 5 seconds into 'its hip to be square' and he was screaming. then again, that may just be because i was dancing and singing along. the fourth day involved finger painting so he was in like flynn.
and now i'm crossing my fingers and hoping he starts to enjoy it.

we hang all of his projects for the week here in his room.
each week i take everything down and start over.

eta: i found this video while i was searching youtube for 'number one' videos and it cracked me UP. and now i find myself saying, 'make it so, number one.' cash thinks i'm crazy.


  1. It cracked me up too! Thought of your Dad instantly, he would have loved it.

  2. Good for you! Looks like fun, and hopefully Cash will be more into it as time goes on! Stuart spent an entire hour painting last week-we are going to have an impressive three year old art gallery between us!