Sunday, January 8, 2012

a first for everything.

cash has taken up a sudden fascination with the toilet.
we've been cautiously encouraging it because we really want him to get this potty training show on the road. (ps, the big boy undies that i thought would get him super excited? didn't.)
in the last few days he's been taking the fascination to a whole new level and has been flushing entire rolls of toilet paper down the toilet (which doesn't work, i might add.)
he also emptied half a box of kleenex into that bad boy.
needless to say, cash has been spending his fair share of time in time-out due to toilet related naughtiness.
but nate and i were thanking our lucky stars that he hadn't flushed something else.
you know, until yesterday.
i had a bit of a rough night sleeping wise so i was moving a little slow that morning.
i was fixing breakfast when i suddenly realized i didn't hear him in the living room.
in fact, i didn't hear him at all. which is always a sign of trouble.
right as i was walking towards the back of the house i heard the toilet flush and cash exclaim, "where'd it go? where'd it go?"
i found our sweet little three old holding a plastic cup, grinning ear to ear, standing over our open toilet.
which seemed rather innocent until i remembered that his fish bathtub toy was in that cup.
and now it wasn't.
didn't take a genius to figure out what happened there.
long story short, that little toy was really wedged in there.
so we are now the owners of a shiny new toilet.
on a positive note, we don't have to jiggle the handle anymore.
and it happened on one of nate's days off, which saved me from having to call a plumber.
so you know...there's that.

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  1. This little guy sure can fool you with that innocent face. Funny, it's that same look that his momma used to get too. BTW, love the picture!