Friday, January 27, 2012

a goodbye.

last week we made the really difficult decision to take the ferrets to a shelter to be adopted.
i've alternatively felt really good and really horrible about it.
but i think it was the best decision for everyone.
their quality of life has suffered ever since cash was born, but especially within the last 6 months.
even being at home, i couldn't keep up with poo clean-up and special diet needs for boston and getting them enough exercise....and it was only going to get worse once the new baby arrives.
so we took them to a no-kill shelter in oregon city (the oregon ferret shelter.)
the lady who runs it was awesome, her facility (with 150+ ferrets) was cleaner than our cage ever hoped to be and she already had a foster home lined up to take the two of them once they get vaccinated (they will remain in that foster home until they die - they are too old to adopt.)
i cannot explain how relieved i was to hear that.
we'll miss the stinky little bastards but are so glad that we were able to find a better place for them.

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  1. Sounds like a good (although hard) decision. I had to do that with a dog once-talk about a strange mixture of relief and guilt!