Saturday, January 14, 2012

adventures in toddler bedtimes.

just when i was starting to get used to cash's sporadic sleeping habits, he decided to one-up me and refuse to sleep in his bed.
like, at all.
the first night i chalked it up to a late nap keeping him up until 10:30 when i finally dragged him into bed with me.
the second night i went into his room 45 minutes after he went to bed and found him looking at books with every light in the room blazing.
i asked him if he wanted to come to bed with me and he said, "bed?" grabbed his blanket, and headed straight for the bedroom.
i would get annoyed but within 10 mins, he's out like a light.
plus, he keeps me warm.
which allows me to overlook the occasional elbow in the face or the fact that he snores like an old person with a sinus infection.
if he keeps this up, i may need to invest in some earplugs.

but c'mon - would you kick him out of bed?

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