Thursday, January 26, 2012

alien baby [month 4]

-- i'm excited to say that i haven't thrown up in 3 days. THREE DAYS. dudes, you have no idea how awesome that feels. i still occasionally feel a little sea-sick (especially if i have to cook meat for any reason - yuck.)

-- i'm having mad chili cravings. even the gross, canned stuff. i'm obsessed. (it's funny, i had the exact same craving last time.)

-- ever since i had cash, my left hip has never been the same. when i was at the restaurant and on my feet all day, there were times where my entire leg would be numb because it hurt so bad. this pregnancy is not doing that hip any favors. some days i hobble around here like willow.

-- for the most part, i haven't experienced any new pregnancy symptoms - that is, until this week. all of the sudden, i'm getting nosebleeds all over the place. it's so gross.

-- i'm feeling lots and lots of baby movement these days. especially after i eat ice cream (kid after my own heart, i tell you.) nate finally felt some kicks last night - it was pretty awesome.

-- pregnancy the second time around is really strange. the first time, everything goes by so fast and you're in love with every new little experience (for the most part.) this time it's like...ya, i've done this before - i want the baby to be here already! needless to say, i'm a little impatient over here.

-- cash and i had this conversation the other night, while we were snuggling in bed (MY bed - have i mentioned he still won't sleep in his own?'s about to get really crowded in there.)
cash: mommy. cash. seepin. (sleeping)
me: yup buddy, it's time for us to go to sleep.
(after a pause) cash: and ba-bee.
me: ha, yes bud - baby too.
[[sometimes it completely knocks me out the stuff that he 'gets' without really letting on.]]
-- in one short week, i went from looking 'just kinda fat' to 'bam! there's a baby in there!' i'm still at the awkward stage where it's not totally obvious (especially depending on what i'm wearing.) it's the worst. i've managed to only buy one piece of maternity clothes (leggings - the most comfortable things in the world) but it's getting about time for me to buy some jeans. i can still wear my regular ones but there getting hard to keep up (being completely unzipped will do that to you.)

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