Wednesday, January 4, 2012

an alien baby update.

-- first off, this picture is a little deceiving...for whatever reason, that shirt made me look WAY more pregnant than i really am.

-- that being said, i've definitely got a bump going on.

-- i had been feeling pretty fantastic until i hit 12 weeks, literally. ever since, i've been sicker than ever. yesterday i couldn't keep anything down until about 1 in the afternoon. to say it was not a good day would be an understatement. i'm loading up on B6 and crossing my fingers that it goes away soon.

-- now every time i go to the bathroom to ralph, cash whines and cries at the door. he's just as over it as i am.

-- cash is starting to grasp it a little more (i think.) he points at the ultrasound picture and says, 'baby!' but when i tell him the baby is in my tummy, he just looks at me like, 'oh mom! you're so weird.'

-- we made our first big baby related purchase (a jogging stroller that i scored a KILLA deal on at the consignment store.) cash tested it out and approved.

-- i've started feeling little baby movements. at first i thought i was hallucinating because it seems super early (i'm coming up on 13 weeks at the end of the week) but its becoming more and more distinct. its one part super awesome, one part super weird. maybe i'm missing the 'everything about being pregnant is magical and amazing' gene because most of this whole process just weirds me the hell out. seriously.

also? giving birth kind of gives me the 'ick' face. there. i said it. sue me.

ETA: because my doctor likes to whip out the ol' ultrasound machine at any possible moment (ok, not really - it just feels that way.) we have another little picture of our little alien. the tech was trying to get some specific measurements (testing for down syndrome, etc) and baby was stubborn as can be. an omen of things to come, i'm sure. fantastic.

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