Thursday, January 5, 2012


i always consider it a win if i get at least ONE picture from christmas day that is even remotely good (ps - this year, this is it.)
christmas seems ages ago already but i'm still trying to get the house back to normal.
i have a feeling the gingerbread house is going to be here till next christmas because i keep forgetting to throw the damn thing out.
anyhow, our holiday was wonderful.
cash's favorite present was this thomas the train/pirate ship thing.
nate's was a toss up between his ipod deck and the 'game of thrones' book set.
and mine was a tie between my silver glitter toms (you know, the ones i've been lusting after for YEARS. my mom RULES.) and a set of new frying pans. frying pans get me excited, y'all. especially when i've been using the same crappy wal-mart ones for almost 6 years.
[[i should note that all of these came from my mom - she's a champion gift giver.]]

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