Wednesday, January 11, 2012

my little insomniac.

turning 3 has flipped this little boy's sleep schedule completely on its ear.
ever since he was a couple months old, he's slept through the night, no problems. often times for 12+ hours at a time.
it was a simpler time.
now he maxes out at 8 hours and that's typically in spurts.
it's getting a little old, let me tell you.
last night (or rather, early pearly this morning) nate brought cash into our room at 5 in the hopes that he would snuggle with me and maybe fall back asleep.
apparently he had already been up for an hour and since he's never (EVER) managed to fall back asleep in bed with me i wasn't holding my breath.
but then, after cuddling with me for about 20 minutes, he drifted off.
and slept for almost 3 more glorious, snuggly hours.
which of course meant that i couldn't get back to sleep because sometimes life is just really unfair.
in any case, i'm crossing my fingers that this wasn't a once-in-a-blue-moon occurence.
because i could really use some more sleep.

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