Tuesday, January 3, 2012

the movie buff.

my dad was a bit of a movie buff.
aside from airplanes, guns and being a big ol' nerd, watching movies was probably one of his most favorite things to do.
he loved to go to the theater and as my sister and i got older, his birthday dates always turned into a movie followed by coldstone. (i can't tell you how many stupid sci-fi movies i slept through. i even managed to sleep all the way through terminator 3. i saw the very beginning and the ending credits. my dad was not pleased.)
he was one of the first people to have a netflix account (seriously - we had to wait a week to get a new movie because they weren't any distribution centers in oregon.) i didn't even know what it was until he explained it to me.
and he constantly emailed me at work, giving his opinion on whatever movie he watched the night before.
so every once in awhile, after i've finished watching a new movie, it'll hit me that it was a movie he never got to see.
a movie i'll never hear his opinion on.
a movie we'll never get to argue about.
and it makes me incredibly, ridiculously sad.
it's funny - there are so many other things that i feel like i should miss about him more.
but honestly, this is it.
i miss those daily movie emails.
the saturday morning talks that always started with, "have you watched anything good lately?"
the trips to the theater.
i don't think i'll ever be able to leave a movie theater without instantly thinking of him.
and frankly, that's freaking depressing.


  1. I am so sorry! It is those little things that get you the most sometimes, isn't it? My dad was always bringing me a different kind of coffee to try. I still chose coffee based on whether or not I think he will like it before remembering that it doesn't matter any more. Hugs!!!

  2. Oh, Sarah. There you go again. Making me emotional. :( I'm so sorry. [[HUGS]] my friend :()