Sunday, January 29, 2012

the snuggler.

so, i'm a cuddler.
i like to show people that i love them by giving them hugs - that's just me.
it annoys the hell out of nate and up until very recently, i assumed it bugged cash too.
because i grab him 50 times a day to give him a hug or quick snuggle.
i can't help it, he's quite cuddly.
still, it never once occurred to me that he might actually enjoy it.
or need it, for that matter.
until this week.
my bestie julie was hanging out with us for the day, giving me reason to have glorious grown-up conversations (that is, grown-up for us, which probably isn't. but whatever.)
which left cash to his own devices to entertain himself.
he was all fine and dandy until the afternoon rolled around and he started acting like a little demon.
and i, for the life of me, couldn't figure out what his deal was.
i thought he might want to some play time (nope) or maybe some sesame street videos (nope again.)
he was in mid-fit when i sat down on the couch, pulled him into my lap and said, "buddy - what is the DEAL? why are you acting like this?"
and it was at that precise moment that he snuggled into me and gave me a hug.
we sat like that for a few minutes and then he jumped up and went off to play in his room.
he just wanted some snuggle time.
go figure.
sometimes, i'll admit it - i get a little annoyed when he insists that i drop everything to sit on the couch and snuggle for 10 minutes.
and then i remember that in a few years? i'll probably give pretty much anything to have some cuddle time with my sweet boy.
so really, i just need to get over myself.
and soak up that snuggle time.

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  1. snugglers are pretty much the best people around. :) yay! whens our next play date? with snuggle breaks, of course!