Wednesday, February 29, 2012

the play-date.

so i've been meaning to get cash and my cousin stuart together for a playdate since...well, i started staying at home with cash.
but every time i would go to plan it, something would come up.
and then i got pregnant and started barfing all the time...suddenly, having 2 three year olds in our house didn't sound like such fun.
since i seem to be on the very tail-end of that stage (THANK GOD) it was time to plan that play-date!
we had stuart over for a couple hours one morning and it went surprisingly well.
cash was all excited to pick up 'worts' and was grinning like a dumb ass the whole drive back to our house. stuart was his typical grumpy baby self (which, i have to admit, i LOVE. grumpy kids make me smile. when they aren't my own grumpy kid, that is.)
but as soon as cash took him to his room, stuart was all, holy crap - trains! cars! tractors! heaven!
they had a couple minor disagreements (cash wanted to wrestle - stuart didn't. they had words. it was funny. and then when i got them a snack, they fought over who got the orange bowl. note to self, always serve snacks in same colored bowls.)
it was a good time.
and cash hasn't stopped talking about worts since - there are definitely more play-dates in our future!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

the goods.

now that we know that we're having a boy...the urge to shop is unstoppable.
sorry honey....we don't really need to eat this month, do we?

 umm...i'm pretty sure i'm ordering this in multiple sizes. c'mon - that's amazing.

 heh heh heh.
 these will go perfectly with my david bowie onsie. just saying.

 these make me think of nate. he loves him some argyle.

 ahhh, these colors. i die.

lawn gnome leg warmers?? i'll take 2 please.

i also apparently have a newfound leg warmer obsession.
in fairness, i didn't even know about them when cash was born.
and i saved a lot of crap (i'm talking A LOT. i went through the newborn clothes yesterday  and we need basically...nothing.) but one thing i'm a little short on is pants.
and these are just like pants.
but better.
i'm in big, big trouble.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

the halfway point.

 we were officially 20 weeks yesterday. halfway there.
it seems to really be dragging this time around but we've got a couple months ahead that are busy with weekend trips, baby showers and party planning.
so i have a feeling the rest of the time is going to fly.
oh ya...and we also found out: we're having another boy!

we're so excited.
we would have been completely happy either way (in fact, both of us admitted to a tiny part of us hoping it was a girl. a very tiny part.) but we both had a feeling we had another little boy on our hands.
he looked great, strong heartbeat at about 147 BPM.
he's currently breech and spent the entire time rolled up in a ball, making it rather difficult for the poor technician.
so far, no official name yet.
we have one that i think we're pretty set on, but we're still mulling it over.

and in other news...the bunk beds are together!

nate and his friend mike finally took over and finished putting it together.
it still took them a couple of hours and nate admitted that i had, in fact, been doing it right.
so there.
cash was super excited...until it came time to go to bed.
then he pitched a big fat fit.
but i laid down with him and he fell asleep relatively quickly.
he still ended up in our bed at 4 this morning, but progress i say!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

in february.


-- we unexpectedly adopted a cat this month and you wasted no time in claiming her, 'my kitty.' you love to pet and love on her as much as she allows (including very sweet nose kisses.) she's pretty fond of you too. piper doesn't seem to mind too terribly either. probably because the way you show your love for her is through wrestling. and she's not such a fan of this. your attempts at wrestling usually end in her getting irritated, plopping her big butt on your favorite blanket and then refusing to move, despite your screams of, "Piiii-purrrrr. Piii-PURRRR. NO. Noooooo! Momma, help-y (help me) Pi-purr, BED!" all of which she completely ignores. i love watching you two get into it - it's simply hilarious.

-- MAN, you love some crafts that involve glitter. sure, our kitchen and dining room look a bit like a disco ball. but its a small price to pay for how happy it makes you.

-- you're starting to kick your talking into high gear and it ROCKS. you attempt to repeat/imitate virtually everything i say (which sometimes is not so great) and your vocabulary is improving daily. considering it has taken you so long to get to this point, every little word is freaking exciting.

-- you try to use the excuse that you need to be changed to prolong anything you don't want to do. time for bed? suddenly you're 'pooooop-y.' (yes, you say it like that.) time to get in the car? suddenly you need to be 'chinged.' it never works because when you are in fact poopy, i can smell you from a mile away. still, i admire your tenacity.

-- you've been sleeping in our bed for the last month or so and its been...interesting. your dad is anxious to get you into your own bed (nothing personal, he's a finicky sleeper.) and while i don't love having you there...i don't hate it either. it's hard not to love the way you reach out to snuggle with me while you sleep. and the way those huge snores manage to come out of such a small person is pretty darn cute too. plus, its nice having a warm body in bed with me on nights that your dads at work. even still, as soon as your bunk beds are assembled, its back to your room you go.

-- you've had some successes with potty training...and some major setbacks. currently you are refusing big boy pants and won't sit on the toilet anymore. i'm trying to be patient but i'm starting to lose it, just a little.

-- you are still so sensitive to things. mostly to getting scolded. so when i politely and calmly ask you to quit throwing your damn bear at my head (without the curse words, of course) you typically burst into tears as if i just screamed at you. it would be a little heart breaking if your flare for the dramatic wasn't so pronounced.

-- you're starting to get better about being outside by yourself. for the most part, i watch you like a hawk from the windows of the house because you have a tendency to start walking, get distracted by some amazing rock or cool stick only to look up and realize you are halfway down the driveway with no idea how you got so far. but you're starting to become more aware. sort of.

i love you kiddo.
and i think you're going to be a pretty fabulous big brother.


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

why i'm no handy-man.

...coming to Ikea is a lot like doing tequila the morning you wake up nauseous in a pile of table legs, with no idea how you got there, and swearing to never do it again." -- Jen Lancaster, Bright Lights, Big Ass.

this? is precisely how i feel about cash's recently procured bunk beds.
the bunk beds that he is insanely excited about.
also, the bunk beds that he is rapidly losing enthusiasm for with each passing day that his room is nothing but a pile of fine, fine swedish wood.
let me preface this by saying - on a good day? i'm barely capable of putting together an end table from wal-mart. yes, i'm speaking from experience.
so when i pulled up the instructions online and realized that they were EIGHTY PAGES LONG, i had a feeling it wasn't going to end well.
i'm actually shocked that i made it to step 4 before i got stuck.
especially since step 1 took an embarrassingly long time to complete because i didn't realize i was using the little wrench thingy wrong.
[[even nate said, that's as far as you got? what was taking you so long in there? to which i replied, IT'S NOT IMPORTANT, HELP ME GODDAMMIT.]]
at this rate, they'll be done when he's 15.
hope he really likes sleeping in our bed.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

a new family member.

we are now the proud owners of a sweet little kitty.
nate went over to mom's old house to look for a tool and found the poor starving creature trapped in the garage.
since we've been talking about wanting to get a kitty at some point this year (cash's love for cats knows no bounds) we decided to keep her. (which means, as soon as nate brought her into the house, cash and i both squealed, KITTY!!! it was love at first sight.)
she seems to already be litter box trained and is as sweet as can be.
for the first hour that we had her in the house, she wouldn't leave cash alone - constantly rubbing up against his legs and begging for love.
we think she's pretty perfect.
she doesn't have a name yet but has claimed the spare bedroom for her own.
which should be interesting since piper likes to think of that room as hers too.
never a dull moment for this family!

eta: she has officially been named Pippen. we apparently really like 'P' names around here.

a helping hand.

cash loves to help with the laundry.
which often involves the need to wear his underwear like a hat.
he also frequently wears pairs of my underwear around his neck, like a bunch of strange scarves.
he thinks its hilarious.
i'm sure someday his future girlfriends will too.

Monday, February 13, 2012

a [baby] update.

-- i haven't thrown up in over a week and a half. and it's been awesome. i still occasionally feel a bit sea sick, but that doesn't happen very much either. in short, i feel pretty darn great.

-- baby likes to hang out on the left side of my stomach, making for a very lumpy and strange looking bump. i remember cash doing the exact same thing. the left side is the good side apparently.

-- my current cravings are still chili, peach iced tea snapple, milkshakes and sandwiches. oh my god, i would kill for a giant turkey sandwich with lots of cheese on sourdough bread. mmmm. (which is funny...i had these EXACT cravings last time. i'm awfully predictable.)

-- i still can't touch meat (except if its in chili, of course) and i'm kind of starting to miss chicken. but every time i make some, the thought of eating it makes me want to hurl.

-- we're 2 short weeks away from finding out what baby is and we CAN'T WAIT. i've got some serious nesting urges going on. we both sort of feel like it's another boy (to be honest though, i don't have super strong feelings either way) but we'd be happy with a girl too. despite what everyone thinks. nate and i were talking about it the other day and he said, "If baby is a girl, I'm sure she'll be funny and gorgeous and a giant pain in my ass. Just like her mama." to which i replied, "That's what I'm afraid of." cash is enough like me for the two of them - i don't need another personality clone.

-- baby's kicks aren't quite strong enough for nate to feel (he's only felt the babe once) but they're getting there. i'm excited for cash to be able to feel them because it's totally going to freak him out. i'm so mean sometimes.

-- we still don't have any idea where we're giving birth and have absolutely zero plans for a 'birth plan.' long story short, because cash ended up being an emergency c-section, i can't deliver vaginally at the salem hospital, which is where i would prefer to deliver. mostly because my doctor is awesome but also because we had such a great experience there the first time (despite nothing going according to plan.) but i really want to avoid unnecesssary surgery and want to give a VBAC a go. my next closest option is the silverton hospital and i'm having a hard time committing to it. i don't really know why - most of the people i know that have delivered there have had great experiences. i, for whatever insane reason, don't really want to go there. in any case, the decision has to be made soon.

Friday, February 10, 2012

a 'school' update.

cash's at-home preschool is still going strong.
there are some days that he couldn't be less interested and getting him to sit and pay attention is a bit of a nightmare.
but then there are other days that he grabs his markers as soon as he hops out of bed and runs to the dining room table to do 'cool.' it's cute, but 7:30 is a little early for this momma to be doing anything other than savoring a cup of coffee. which is, unfortunately, decaf right now so it's really just a lie.
his vocabulary is getting better but he still prefers to speak jibberish (though, thanks to a very cute sesame street video, he knows the word 'cornrow.' ha!)
and he recognizes his letters...when he feels like it.
so far, a moderate success.

when i started this whole preschool thing, i didn't expect to enjoy it as much as i do.
but at the start of every week, i get all excited to take down his projects from the previous week so that we can fill up his wall with new stuff.
and most of the crafts are really more for my benefit.
like this:
ummm...ya. those are toilet paper roll gnomes.
cash did the one on the far right. which means he painted the bottom half (sort-of) and then ran off to do something more fun.
i may have also gone a little overboard with the valentine's crafts. my kitchen cabinets are an explosion of hearts and glitter.
also, my dining room floor has looked like a disco ball for over a week.
nate is not amused that somehow all of his clothes sparkle.
i told him he needs to get over it.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

nerd alert.

cash has zero video game experience (nate only plays late at night when he's up and the rest of us are sleeping. i much prefer it that way!)
but chances are pretty good he'll like them.
he was sold on the headphones alone.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


when left to his own devices for too long, shenanigans ensue.
like finding new and inventive ways to use his trampoline.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

moments like this.

it's moments when i recognize a vague reference to firefly, one that only someone whose seen it would notice or appreciate, that i miss him.

or when i'm reading up on gardening tips for the proposed 'crawford garden' we plan on planting this spring and memories of stuff he told me (stuff that, at the time, i tacitly ignored) comes flooding back. turns out, he really did know EVERYTHING. and apparently those marigolds he always planted actually had a purpose, beyond just being orange and pretty.

or when cash is being particularly stubborn and awful, i think of how i sometimes acted for my dad (which was, primarily, whiny and full of complaint) and wonder why he wanted to spend so much time with a stubborn little pisser like me.

i miss him.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

week 1.

ETA: Stop the presses people - cash pooed on the toilet today. CASH. POO. TOILET. i'm so shocked that i can barely form coherent sentences. now, technically, he started going in his underwear but i happened to be in the room to catch it and made him finish, business on the little potty chair. AND HE DID. and he didn't freak out. you guys, i feel like i've won the poo lottery or something. one small step for cash, one GIANT step towards potty training. ACES.

and no, it doesn't escape me that cash has managed to do something (basically) within the first week of potty training that typically takes kids ages to figure out and accomplish. poo in the toilet? sure, why not? pee in it? are you freaking kidding me? my kid is so wonderfully weird.

also, i'd like to take a moment to thank christina aguilera and her mulan music video for keeping cash sufficiently distracted while he sat. i think i may have found the key to training this kid. and that key is pretty blonde women that sing. apparently.

someday i'm going to be whining about my moody teenage boy, wondering how i'm going to deal.
and then i'll remember potty training.
and i'll thank my lucky stars i'm not doing that shit anymore (literally.)
we've taken teeny tiny baby steps this week.
he still recognizes when he needs to go (except now he lies about it.)
he flat out refuses to wear a diaper.
he still won't pee in the bathroom. period. which means my washing machine is getting a serious workout.
and he won't go in the potty either.
BUT he will sit on it.
this is a big deal, people.
granted, we typically have to distract him with a movie, videos on my phone or food.
but i'm not above bribery.
ps - nate was the first one to get him to sit on the toilet.
first thing he did when he got up on his first day off was tell him to sit on the potty.
and he did.
i'm pretty sure steam was coming out of my ears i was so pissed.
nate later said he was a little afraid i might punch him.
i told him that i was pretty sure i would. (for the record, i didn't. though i may have used some choice words behind cash's back. i'm blaming it on pregnancy hormones but...that's a lie.)
in any case, he'll sit on the damn thing - maybe someday he'll actually pee in it.
in the meantime, i'm buying more underwear.
A LOT more.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

a river runs through it.

a couple weeks ago we experienced a bit of crazy oregon weather.
it started with snow (actual snow! not much, but still) and ended with massive amounts of rain and flooding.
nate and i are freaks and love crazy weather so i thought it was great fun.
even though our driveway did turn into 'the river crawford' and made going anywhere challenging.
not impossible, but challenging.
cash and i did spend one day stranded because nate was working a day shift and had to take the subaru to work (because his car wouldn't make it.)
so cash and i spent the better part of the afternoon freezing our butts off playing in the muddy water.
these were taken pretty early in the flood - the water eventually went all the way over our driveway in 3 seperate places and was especially deep by the grove of trees.
but our roof was free of leaks and no water showed up in the basement, so all was good.

all this reminds me of the floods we had back in 1996 (man, that sentence made me sound like an old person.)
at my parents old house, the drainage system in the backyard was...less than stellar, culminating in what we and our neighbors liked to call 'the river fordyce' every time it rained a little bit.
my dad eventually dug up the whole yard and replaced the old clay tiles with fancy plastic stuff, but i'll never forget that winter when i had to cross the 'river' to rescue some stranded kittens on the other side.
dad thought it was great fun too.
we were both really weird.