Monday, February 13, 2012

a [baby] update.

-- i haven't thrown up in over a week and a half. and it's been awesome. i still occasionally feel a bit sea sick, but that doesn't happen very much either. in short, i feel pretty darn great.

-- baby likes to hang out on the left side of my stomach, making for a very lumpy and strange looking bump. i remember cash doing the exact same thing. the left side is the good side apparently.

-- my current cravings are still chili, peach iced tea snapple, milkshakes and sandwiches. oh my god, i would kill for a giant turkey sandwich with lots of cheese on sourdough bread. mmmm. (which is funny...i had these EXACT cravings last time. i'm awfully predictable.)

-- i still can't touch meat (except if its in chili, of course) and i'm kind of starting to miss chicken. but every time i make some, the thought of eating it makes me want to hurl.

-- we're 2 short weeks away from finding out what baby is and we CAN'T WAIT. i've got some serious nesting urges going on. we both sort of feel like it's another boy (to be honest though, i don't have super strong feelings either way) but we'd be happy with a girl too. despite what everyone thinks. nate and i were talking about it the other day and he said, "If baby is a girl, I'm sure she'll be funny and gorgeous and a giant pain in my ass. Just like her mama." to which i replied, "That's what I'm afraid of." cash is enough like me for the two of them - i don't need another personality clone.

-- baby's kicks aren't quite strong enough for nate to feel (he's only felt the babe once) but they're getting there. i'm excited for cash to be able to feel them because it's totally going to freak him out. i'm so mean sometimes.

-- we still don't have any idea where we're giving birth and have absolutely zero plans for a 'birth plan.' long story short, because cash ended up being an emergency c-section, i can't deliver vaginally at the salem hospital, which is where i would prefer to deliver. mostly because my doctor is awesome but also because we had such a great experience there the first time (despite nothing going according to plan.) but i really want to avoid unnecesssary surgery and want to give a VBAC a go. my next closest option is the silverton hospital and i'm having a hard time committing to it. i don't really know why - most of the people i know that have delivered there have had great experiences. i, for whatever insane reason, don't really want to go there. in any case, the decision has to be made soon.

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