Sunday, February 19, 2012

a new family member.

we are now the proud owners of a sweet little kitty.
nate went over to mom's old house to look for a tool and found the poor starving creature trapped in the garage.
since we've been talking about wanting to get a kitty at some point this year (cash's love for cats knows no bounds) we decided to keep her. (which means, as soon as nate brought her into the house, cash and i both squealed, KITTY!!! it was love at first sight.)
she seems to already be litter box trained and is as sweet as can be.
for the first hour that we had her in the house, she wouldn't leave cash alone - constantly rubbing up against his legs and begging for love.
we think she's pretty perfect.
she doesn't have a name yet but has claimed the spare bedroom for her own.
which should be interesting since piper likes to think of that room as hers too.
never a dull moment for this family!

eta: she has officially been named Pippen. we apparently really like 'P' names around here.

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