Wednesday, February 1, 2012

a river runs through it.

a couple weeks ago we experienced a bit of crazy oregon weather.
it started with snow (actual snow! not much, but still) and ended with massive amounts of rain and flooding.
nate and i are freaks and love crazy weather so i thought it was great fun.
even though our driveway did turn into 'the river crawford' and made going anywhere challenging.
not impossible, but challenging.
cash and i did spend one day stranded because nate was working a day shift and had to take the subaru to work (because his car wouldn't make it.)
so cash and i spent the better part of the afternoon freezing our butts off playing in the muddy water.
these were taken pretty early in the flood - the water eventually went all the way over our driveway in 3 seperate places and was especially deep by the grove of trees.
but our roof was free of leaks and no water showed up in the basement, so all was good.

all this reminds me of the floods we had back in 1996 (man, that sentence made me sound like an old person.)
at my parents old house, the drainage system in the backyard was...less than stellar, culminating in what we and our neighbors liked to call 'the river fordyce' every time it rained a little bit.
my dad eventually dug up the whole yard and replaced the old clay tiles with fancy plastic stuff, but i'll never forget that winter when i had to cross the 'river' to rescue some stranded kittens on the other side.
dad thought it was great fun too.
we were both really weird.

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