Friday, February 10, 2012

a 'school' update.

cash's at-home preschool is still going strong.
there are some days that he couldn't be less interested and getting him to sit and pay attention is a bit of a nightmare.
but then there are other days that he grabs his markers as soon as he hops out of bed and runs to the dining room table to do 'cool.' it's cute, but 7:30 is a little early for this momma to be doing anything other than savoring a cup of coffee. which is, unfortunately, decaf right now so it's really just a lie.
his vocabulary is getting better but he still prefers to speak jibberish (though, thanks to a very cute sesame street video, he knows the word 'cornrow.' ha!)
and he recognizes his letters...when he feels like it.
so far, a moderate success.

when i started this whole preschool thing, i didn't expect to enjoy it as much as i do.
but at the start of every week, i get all excited to take down his projects from the previous week so that we can fill up his wall with new stuff.
and most of the crafts are really more for my benefit.
like this:
ummm...ya. those are toilet paper roll gnomes.
cash did the one on the far right. which means he painted the bottom half (sort-of) and then ran off to do something more fun.
i may have also gone a little overboard with the valentine's crafts. my kitchen cabinets are an explosion of hearts and glitter.
also, my dining room floor has looked like a disco ball for over a week.
nate is not amused that somehow all of his clothes sparkle.
i told him he needs to get over it.

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