Thursday, February 23, 2012

in february.


-- we unexpectedly adopted a cat this month and you wasted no time in claiming her, 'my kitty.' you love to pet and love on her as much as she allows (including very sweet nose kisses.) she's pretty fond of you too. piper doesn't seem to mind too terribly either. probably because the way you show your love for her is through wrestling. and she's not such a fan of this. your attempts at wrestling usually end in her getting irritated, plopping her big butt on your favorite blanket and then refusing to move, despite your screams of, "Piiii-purrrrr. Piii-PURRRR. NO. Noooooo! Momma, help-y (help me) Pi-purr, BED!" all of which she completely ignores. i love watching you two get into it - it's simply hilarious.

-- MAN, you love some crafts that involve glitter. sure, our kitchen and dining room look a bit like a disco ball. but its a small price to pay for how happy it makes you.

-- you're starting to kick your talking into high gear and it ROCKS. you attempt to repeat/imitate virtually everything i say (which sometimes is not so great) and your vocabulary is improving daily. considering it has taken you so long to get to this point, every little word is freaking exciting.

-- you try to use the excuse that you need to be changed to prolong anything you don't want to do. time for bed? suddenly you're 'pooooop-y.' (yes, you say it like that.) time to get in the car? suddenly you need to be 'chinged.' it never works because when you are in fact poopy, i can smell you from a mile away. still, i admire your tenacity.

-- you've been sleeping in our bed for the last month or so and its been...interesting. your dad is anxious to get you into your own bed (nothing personal, he's a finicky sleeper.) and while i don't love having you there...i don't hate it either. it's hard not to love the way you reach out to snuggle with me while you sleep. and the way those huge snores manage to come out of such a small person is pretty darn cute too. plus, its nice having a warm body in bed with me on nights that your dads at work. even still, as soon as your bunk beds are assembled, its back to your room you go.

-- you've had some successes with potty training...and some major setbacks. currently you are refusing big boy pants and won't sit on the toilet anymore. i'm trying to be patient but i'm starting to lose it, just a little.

-- you are still so sensitive to things. mostly to getting scolded. so when i politely and calmly ask you to quit throwing your damn bear at my head (without the curse words, of course) you typically burst into tears as if i just screamed at you. it would be a little heart breaking if your flare for the dramatic wasn't so pronounced.

-- you're starting to get better about being outside by yourself. for the most part, i watch you like a hawk from the windows of the house because you have a tendency to start walking, get distracted by some amazing rock or cool stick only to look up and realize you are halfway down the driveway with no idea how you got so far. but you're starting to become more aware. sort of.

i love you kiddo.
and i think you're going to be a pretty fabulous big brother.


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