Sunday, February 26, 2012

the goods.

now that we know that we're having a boy...the urge to shop is unstoppable.
sorry honey....we don't really need to eat this month, do we?

 umm...i'm pretty sure i'm ordering this in multiple sizes. c'mon - that's amazing.

 heh heh heh.
 these will go perfectly with my david bowie onsie. just saying.

 these make me think of nate. he loves him some argyle.

 ahhh, these colors. i die.

lawn gnome leg warmers?? i'll take 2 please.

i also apparently have a newfound leg warmer obsession.
in fairness, i didn't even know about them when cash was born.
and i saved a lot of crap (i'm talking A LOT. i went through the newborn clothes yesterday  and we need basically...nothing.) but one thing i'm a little short on is pants.
and these are just like pants.
but better.
i'm in big, big trouble.


  1. That is some seriously cute baby stuff! Those little leg warmers are adorable! Almost makes me want another baby.....

  2. Looks like grandma is in trouble too because I like all of this stuff!