Saturday, February 25, 2012

the halfway point.

 we were officially 20 weeks yesterday. halfway there.
it seems to really be dragging this time around but we've got a couple months ahead that are busy with weekend trips, baby showers and party planning.
so i have a feeling the rest of the time is going to fly.
oh ya...and we also found out: we're having another boy!

we're so excited.
we would have been completely happy either way (in fact, both of us admitted to a tiny part of us hoping it was a girl. a very tiny part.) but we both had a feeling we had another little boy on our hands.
he looked great, strong heartbeat at about 147 BPM.
he's currently breech and spent the entire time rolled up in a ball, making it rather difficult for the poor technician.
so far, no official name yet.
we have one that i think we're pretty set on, but we're still mulling it over.

and in other news...the bunk beds are together!

nate and his friend mike finally took over and finished putting it together.
it still took them a couple of hours and nate admitted that i had, in fact, been doing it right.
so there.
cash was super excited...until it came time to go to bed.
then he pitched a big fat fit.
but i laid down with him and he fell asleep relatively quickly.
he still ended up in our bed at 4 this morning, but progress i say!

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