Wednesday, February 29, 2012

the play-date.

so i've been meaning to get cash and my cousin stuart together for a playdate since...well, i started staying at home with cash.
but every time i would go to plan it, something would come up.
and then i got pregnant and started barfing all the time...suddenly, having 2 three year olds in our house didn't sound like such fun.
since i seem to be on the very tail-end of that stage (THANK GOD) it was time to plan that play-date!
we had stuart over for a couple hours one morning and it went surprisingly well.
cash was all excited to pick up 'worts' and was grinning like a dumb ass the whole drive back to our house. stuart was his typical grumpy baby self (which, i have to admit, i LOVE. grumpy kids make me smile. when they aren't my own grumpy kid, that is.)
but as soon as cash took him to his room, stuart was all, holy crap - trains! cars! tractors! heaven!
they had a couple minor disagreements (cash wanted to wrestle - stuart didn't. they had words. it was funny. and then when i got them a snack, they fought over who got the orange bowl. note to self, always serve snacks in same colored bowls.)
it was a good time.
and cash hasn't stopped talking about worts since - there are definitely more play-dates in our future!


  1. What great pictures! I am so glad they played well together, and that Stuart stopped being grumpy! More play dates are definitely in their future, especially when the weather gets nice and they can run around the farm together! With LOTS of supervision, of course!!!!