Thursday, February 2, 2012

week 1.

ETA: Stop the presses people - cash pooed on the toilet today. CASH. POO. TOILET. i'm so shocked that i can barely form coherent sentences. now, technically, he started going in his underwear but i happened to be in the room to catch it and made him finish, business on the little potty chair. AND HE DID. and he didn't freak out. you guys, i feel like i've won the poo lottery or something. one small step for cash, one GIANT step towards potty training. ACES.

and no, it doesn't escape me that cash has managed to do something (basically) within the first week of potty training that typically takes kids ages to figure out and accomplish. poo in the toilet? sure, why not? pee in it? are you freaking kidding me? my kid is so wonderfully weird.

also, i'd like to take a moment to thank christina aguilera and her mulan music video for keeping cash sufficiently distracted while he sat. i think i may have found the key to training this kid. and that key is pretty blonde women that sing. apparently.

someday i'm going to be whining about my moody teenage boy, wondering how i'm going to deal.
and then i'll remember potty training.
and i'll thank my lucky stars i'm not doing that shit anymore (literally.)
we've taken teeny tiny baby steps this week.
he still recognizes when he needs to go (except now he lies about it.)
he flat out refuses to wear a diaper.
he still won't pee in the bathroom. period. which means my washing machine is getting a serious workout.
and he won't go in the potty either.
BUT he will sit on it.
this is a big deal, people.
granted, we typically have to distract him with a movie, videos on my phone or food.
but i'm not above bribery.
ps - nate was the first one to get him to sit on the toilet.
first thing he did when he got up on his first day off was tell him to sit on the potty.
and he did.
i'm pretty sure steam was coming out of my ears i was so pissed.
nate later said he was a little afraid i might punch him.
i told him that i was pretty sure i would. (for the record, i didn't. though i may have used some choice words behind cash's back. i'm blaming it on pregnancy hormones but...that's a lie.)
in any case, he'll sit on the damn thing - maybe someday he'll actually pee in it.
in the meantime, i'm buying more underwear.
A LOT more.

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  1. Sarah, hint if you want to try from a lady who used to "potty train" lots of kids, I had a home daycare while raising my own kids. If you can find a tin can in this day and age, example small empty coffee tin, little boys can hold onto the can, they love the sound that "tinkling" in the can makes, then let them empty it themselves in the toilet and flush, this worked so well for me with so many little boys. lol Anything that works!!!