Wednesday, February 22, 2012

why i'm no handy-man.

...coming to Ikea is a lot like doing tequila the morning you wake up nauseous in a pile of table legs, with no idea how you got there, and swearing to never do it again." -- Jen Lancaster, Bright Lights, Big Ass.

this? is precisely how i feel about cash's recently procured bunk beds.
the bunk beds that he is insanely excited about.
also, the bunk beds that he is rapidly losing enthusiasm for with each passing day that his room is nothing but a pile of fine, fine swedish wood.
let me preface this by saying - on a good day? i'm barely capable of putting together an end table from wal-mart. yes, i'm speaking from experience.
so when i pulled up the instructions online and realized that they were EIGHTY PAGES LONG, i had a feeling it wasn't going to end well.
i'm actually shocked that i made it to step 4 before i got stuck.
especially since step 1 took an embarrassingly long time to complete because i didn't realize i was using the little wrench thingy wrong.
[[even nate said, that's as far as you got? what was taking you so long in there? to which i replied, IT'S NOT IMPORTANT, HELP ME GODDAMMIT.]]
at this rate, they'll be done when he's 15.
hope he really likes sleeping in our bed.

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