Friday, March 9, 2012

cash in march.

-- says 'scuse me' every time he burps or farts. it's basically the cutest thing in the world and i hope he never grows out of it (ha! good luck, me.) he also says it for nate too - cash is teaching him a thing or two about manners!

-- is really, truly taking to his pre-school learnin.' it seems like it happened overnight, but all of the sudden he's pointing out his letters, practicing the sounds they make, making a serious effort to listen and repeat new words, attempting to color inside the lines. it's awesome. my favorite is when he plays with this toy that is supposed to teach him the sounds letters make - every time he gets to B, he says B says BUCK.

-- hasn't gotten any farther on the whole potty training thing. he does typically ask to be 'chinged' any time he is even the slightest bit wet. progress.

-- was beside himself with happiness when we spent the weekend at the coast. 'beach' was one of the first words he ever learned. i think it's love.

-- he's sleeping in his bed like a pro. occasionally he still ends up in our bed but for the most part i don't see him until 6:45. on the dot, i might add. his internal clock is incredibly accurate.

-- given the choice, he'll wear pajamas all day long. especially his thomas the train jammies. he'd wear that shirt every day if i didn't insist on washing it.

-- i can't wear flower clips in my hair without him taking them out and wearing them himself. nate just rolls his eyes, but i think its hilarious.

-- he sings to himself, constantly, all day long. mostly variations of the ABC's, but often little tunes he's completely made up.

-- he loves his kitty and will pick her up and carry her around the house. she is less thrilled with him but tolerates it. 

he's pretty swell.

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