Tuesday, March 6, 2012

evil genius.

we've had some surprise snowfall in the last few days (it's been awesome) and cash has been spending as much time as possible playing in it.
the other day he went out super early in the morning, while i was still drinking my coffee.
lately, when he goes outside, he comes in periodically to give me little treasures of sticks and rocks.
so when i heard the back door open that morning, i figured he had found something fun to show me.
then he started saying, 'uh oh! uh oh!' which typically means he's lost a boot or something like that.
so i had to the kitchen, looking for a place to set my coffee, when SPLAT! he nailed me right in the neck with a snowball.
it was so devious, so sneaky, so GENIUS that all i could do was laugh.
man, i love that boy.

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