Friday, March 16, 2012

the crawfords in march.

-- nate received (won? earned? i don't know) an apprenticeship at his job a few weeks back, which means yet another new schedule we'll need to get used to. he'll be going to school for a couple of years, working and generally being completely useless for help around the house. i'm still working on coming to grips with that. but it's a fantastic opportunity for us and our family and i couldn't be more proud. i completely reserve the right to take all that back when i'm stuck at home with an almost 4 year old and a newborn and want to tear my hair out, however.

-- cash's new favorite saying is, "It's ok. It's ok." he says it typically after he's made a mess of some sort and is working at getting it cleaned up. which makes it that much more sweet. my favorite is when he's at the table coloring and gets marker on the table - he'll instantly start saying, "It's ok, it's ok," and then quickly cover up the marks with his paper. something tells me he's going to be a 'sweep the dirt under the rug instead of into the dustpan' kind of kid.

-- just hit 23 weeks today. nothing is really new except for some glorious heartburn. that and a kid that likes to party all night long, making sleeping a very interesting experience. nate commented the other night that he could feel him kicking and moving around in the middle of the night and marveled at how i could possibly sleep through all that. not easy, my friend.

-- i've entered slightly manic cleaning mode and found myself scrubbing the walls in the hallway for no apparent reason the other morning. a fruit-less effort, considering the people i live with.

-- speaking of, the cat and dog are doing pretty good at getting along. they are typical girls though - piper will like pippen only on days where pippen thinks the dog is a nuisance. and pippen only likes piper on days that piper thinks all cats are evil. but they're learning to co-exist somewhat peacefully.

-- also, the cat has ceased peeing on cash's bed. she had that disgusting little habit the first week or so that she was here. we think she was just staking her territory on cash but who knows - maybe she was just being an asshole. either way, she apparently has decided that she enjoys being fed and loved on and has stopped her wayward peeing. she also has claimed the changing table as her own personal bed and sleeps there all day. she's in for a rude awakening here in a few months.

-- i've discovered that mowing the lawn at a breakneck pace in an attempt to get as much done as possible will result in my feeling like i've pulled every muscle in my body. oops. still, the yard looks so pretty now! parts of it, that is.  i'm not wonder woman.

-- if i'm cooking meat for dinner, i've found that i have to cook it in the morning otherwise the smell will render me completely sick for the rest of the evening. somehow the smell of pork chops isn't so offensive at 11 o'clock in the morning.

-- and we're gearing up for a busy april; maternity shoot, easter, throwing a baby shower (not for me,) nate starts school, taking a quick weekend trip to washington....i'm getting exhausted just thinking about it. i'm stalking up on cadbury mini eggs to get me through. :)

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