Monday, April 30, 2012


 -- i'm mourning the end of daffodil season but celebrating that our lilac tree is in full bloom.
-- got lost on this blog for far too long. so. many. crafts. i'm in heaven. cash and i are definitely going to have to give one of their 'crates' a try - i'm thinking the 'under the sea' one is going to be just about perfect.
-- i finally got around to making another batch of oatmeal cookies; cash has been complaining all week that the cookie jar was 'empty and all gone.' sheesh.
-- showed cash some pictures of a home birth via offbeatmama; nate was a little horrified. cash was fascinated. mostly in the baby and the nursing photos (obsessed with boobs, that one.) and there weren't any excessively...graphic shots. mostly, there's a baby in her belly, there she is screaming, now she's holding a baby! he was intrigued.
-- we've had all sorts of construction excitement around here the last 2 weeks. a couple of things were planned (new garage roof, new electrical from the house to the outer buildings) and several were not (broken pipe from the house to the septic tank, drainage problem with the septic tank and a whole in the pipe from the well.) how is it that something always seems to break when you start a new and completely unrelated project? i'm sorry grandma! most everything is done, with the exception of the garage, which means the trench that nate dug (by hand, i must add) needs to be filled back in:

nate is less than thrilled. it's slowly getting there. and i compensated for not helping with the digging/filling (which nate probably wouldn't have let me help do anyway) by mowing our entire yard. which took me about a week. no lie. we have a push mower and a yard that's roughly the size of a park - you do the math. 

Friday, April 27, 2012

the diviner.

we call him our little diviner.
he can spot a water puddle a mile away with the precision of a heat seeking missile.
he can point out bodies of water from the backseat of the car with surprising accuracy.
we don't totally understand this obsession, though 'water' was one of the first words he mastered early on.
either way, if we're ever stranded in a desert, i'm counting on this boy to find us some water.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

the third.

 - so here we are: the third trimester. and dudes - some days, i'm so ready to be done. which is freaking ridiculous since i still have MONTHS left. truthfully, there are days when i can understand (sort of) why some women love being pregnant. on a good day, i don't have anything to complain about with the exception of a bit of heartburn. but on a bad day - MAN. the pain in my left hip is beyond anything i can accurately describe. seriously. i've discovered that i can't sit on our couch (like, ever) because of its low profile. sitting in the car for more than 5 minutes causes it to ache. sitting anywhere other than the birthing ball causes it to hurt. so i basically i just never sit. which means that by the end of the day, my feet are swollen and my lower back hurts. i can't win. i had a particularly terrible day earlier this week - bad enough that nate offered a hip massage with zero prompting, then said he felt like a total asshole because it made me cry in pain. i'm ready to throw in the towel on those days.

- other than my problem hip (which i've nicknamed willow because it makes me hobble like the character from the movie) i've been feeling pretty great. some heartburn, but nothing too terrible. i've even managed to eat some meat in the last few weeks - i chowed down a big ol' hamburger from the restaurant the other day and it was seriously the best thing i'd tasted in weeks. chicken is still a little iffy, unless its covered in bbq sauce. but no other real cravings.

 - i had my 1 hour glucose test early last week and it came back abnormal. which meant i had to go in for the 3 hour, which is pure torture. i was never too worried that something was truly wrong, which made doing the 2nd test even worse. if you've never had to do it before it goes a little something like this: you have to fast for 8-12 hours before the test; then they take your blood, make you drink an awful, sugar filled drink that tastes like uncarbonated orange soda; then they take your blood every hour for 3 hours. worst/longest 3 hours ever. the test came back normal - slightly infuriating since i had to endure that torture for nothing. not cool everett - not cool.

- speaking of, have i mentioned we named the baby? my memory isn't great. in any case, his name is everett knox. no particular story behind it - nate and i have always liked the name everett (a character in one of our very favorite movies is named everett) and that has been the 'boy' name since day one. i was having trouble committing to the name though because we just weren't finding a middle name that we loved that went well with it. then my super awesome friend heather mentioned the name knox to me (which i had LOVED when i was pregnant with cash but nate vetoed so i had forgotten about it) and it all just came together. i texted nate, what do you think of everett knox? he replied, oh my gosh, i love it! and there it was. our boy, named via text message.

 - i've managed to only gain 14 pounds so far (how this is possible with all the damn easter candy i consumed, i have no idea) and can still wear most of my regular pants. unbuttoned, of course. still, feels good.

- this boy is quite the active little monkey. his favorite time to party is at night when i'm trying to sleep, of course. cash has managed to still never be patient enough to feel him kick. i don't think its ever going to happen, honestly. still haven't felt him hiccup but i'm sure it's only a matter of time.

 - this is the kind of bare belly shot i like - blurry, taken in the semi-darkness and from as far away as possible. take what you can get my friends. also, this boy is LOW. cash was too but not this low. i don't think. you would think i would remember more from that pregnancy but...i don't.

 - i managed to get one thing check off my 'before baby' to-do list. i've been holding off doing much of anything because nate's union was on strike and we had no money (to spend on things like this, that is.) but he and his union brothers are back to work (finally! thank god.) so i decided it was time to paint this bad boy. it was a hand-me-down from the friend of a friend when i was pregnant with cash and while it was still in good shape, the white was annoying and dingy looking. $20 worth of spray paint later and:

it's beautiful. it's a lot brighter then you can see in the picture and is the perfect thing to brighten up our hallway (space is at a premium in the boys room, hence it being in the hallway. it makes more aesthetic sense at the opposite end of the hall, closer to their room but there isn't a light on that end. function won that battle.) now i just need to get a couple of new changing pad covers (which i'm probably going to end up hand dye-ing since i want orange and yellow) and project changing table is done! big hugs to my bestie julie for getting all covered in blue paint to help paint!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

the present.

it's been a quite a week around these parts. nate's union has been on strike for over a week. we're hoping (and praying. and crossing our fingers.) that they will have a contract to vote on at the end of the week. if not, can we move in with you?? to say it has been stressful would be a massive understatement. nate's best friend was 'bumped' by a car while on the picket line, my cousin was in a terrible car accident, i threw a shower for my other cousin, we had all the drains in the bathroom clog up the morning i had a doctors appointment i couldn't reschedule and nate managed to lose a 3rd dog leash (ok, that last one doesn't seem like that big of a deal, except i would have rather spent that $15 on groceries or something.) i'm ready for april to move on - may has to be better, right?

Sunday, April 15, 2012

a whole lot of pee.

potty training is a trip, people.
it hasn't once occured to me how much of my day is dealing with someone else's pee until nate got squeamish taking cash's pants off after an accident. (truth: nate is kind of squeamish about all bodily functions but...that's another story.)
that aside, we are finally getting somewhere with this whole toilet situation.
if we're at home, he wears undies and his accidents are getting fewer and farther in between (he even willingly poops on the toilet - winning.)
we typically don't venture out of the house for any stretch of time without a diaper (we're not using pull-ups yet because i have a whole pack of diapers to get through.)
and we still haven't broached going on the 'actual' toilet. i have a feeling that is going to be a tough sell.
but dudes - he's getting there.
i never thought it would happen.
in fact, i was starting to get obsessive about it and was making matters worse.
so i threw in the towel, so to speak.
i put him in underwear every morning, asked him if he had to go periodically and believed him when he said no. i didn't force him to sit on the toilet every 20 minutes, didn't worry if he spent most of the day in a diaper because we had errands to run - i just let him be.
and it freaking worked.
when he has to go, he either says 'potty?' or 'bathroom?' - always in question form. and if he needs to go number 2, he simply says, 'change!'
and after every flush he yells, 'good job!' (he also does this after i go to the bathroom - i about died laughing when we were in the bathroom at target one day and he yelled out 'good job momma!')
i should have known that if i just let him be, he'd figure it out when he was ready.

Friday, April 13, 2012

this easter.

cash was FINALLY excited about his easter basket. he even ate some of the candy.
he had meltdown after meltdown at my aunt's house.
he refused to eat any of the food available and ended up having some chocolate and an oatmeal cookie for dinner.
nate was due on the picket line that evening (his union is on strike) so he didn't come with us. but then he turned up halfway through dinner to surprise us. love that guy.
cash still doesn't understand the attraction of hunting for eggs filled with candy he won't eat, but he did manage to find the very last egg (AGAIN.)
it was good times.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

a major dose of awesome.

cash and daddy on easter. talk about joy.

and this. there is just so much awesome rolled into this video i can't even handle it.
and MAN did i cry.

Monday, April 9, 2012

dish washer.

cash still loves to 'wash' the dishes.
he wastes an amazing amount of soap and frequently walks off leaving the water running.
but it will keep him occupied for a full 45 minutes.
worth it.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

easter, yo.

this year, i thought i would try including cash in the egg dye-ing festivities, thinking he was probably old enough to handle it.
not so much.
he was all over adding the glitter though.
that boy could have glittered all day long.
which meant that we ended up with a couple eggs that looked straight out of vegas.
to be honest, i kinda like them that way :)
happy easter!

Friday, April 6, 2012


-- i've been having strange hamburger cravings. strange because...well, most meat just sounds awful. but the last few nights i've had dreams about chowing down on a monster, juicy burger from the restaurant. it's going to have to happen here soon.

-- my hips are really starting to kill me. some days are better than others - more often than not, i'm so sore by the end of the day that i can't even sit on the couch. nate was a good husband and blew up the birthing ball for me one night while he was up so that's helped. a little.

-- this boy has taken to pointing head down more and more these days. which is (hopefully) a good sign. i never once felt cash facing any other direction (literally - i only felt kicks and movement on the top and sides of my stomach the whole 9 months) so feeling kicks at the bottom was kind of freaking me out. which is silly but...there you have it.

-- i am completely useless on less than 6 hours of sleep. which doesn't bode well for me. but i can't seem to shake constantly feeling tired. perhaps not sleeping all the way through the night for the last 6 months has something to do with it? heh. in any case, if i stay up late (which means like...11) i end up with a raging migraine the next day. in fairness, i'm prone to headaches especially if i haven't had enough sleep but still...this sucks.

--i may have eeked out a tiny tear when i spotted 2 little stretch marks on my belly last week. i didn't get any until the very (VERY) end last time so i was a bit depressed.

 -- and then i found these pictures: the one on the left is me at 19 weeks with cash. i took a shockingly small amount of belly pictures the first time around so i haven't really had anything to compare it to. i (stupidly) thought i was about the same size as last time. and i soooo am not. which has me just a tiny bit terrified. nate keeps trying to make me feel better, pointing out that i haven't gained more weight then last time, that it'll all come off like before, blah blah blah. i love that he wants to cheer me up usually doesn't work.
seriously - i'm pretty sure i was this size at like...month 7...and a half. oy.

-- i keep trying to get cash to put his hand on my tummy to feel him kicking but he isn't patient enough. he totally gets that from nate. ahem.

-- nate's union is going on strike at work and i'm starting to panic just a smidge - we still have one piece of furniture left to buy for the boys room (the BOYS. man, that's weird to say.) not to mention our carseat, my kinda spendy diaper bag and a couple other things we need to fill in the gaps from last time. crossing my fingers that they get this contract stuff settled soon - this pregnant lady can't handle it.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

the cousins.

we had our niece and nephew over for a few hours a couple weeks ago.
it was the first time i've had all three alone for any stretch of time and it was...interesting.
kahlea and cash actually had a great time playing together but MAN. that girl can make a serious mess.
she had my living room in shambles before i took liam's coat off.
it was rather amazing.
cash was super sweet with her (at least to begin with.) while they played outside, he wouldn't let her out of his sight and every time she fell he ran over to ask if she was ok. an excellent big brother in training, if you ask me.
they eventually got on each others nerves and the visit ended with everyone in tears, but they did manage to play nicely for almost 45 minutes in the kids room.
i have no idea what they were doing but i listened to them giggle and laugh the entire time.
i even texted nate to tell him about it, which is the exact moment that they both came out of the room in tears.
of course.
i am really good at jinxing things.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

the bump.

heather rocked my world again today when she took some maternity/family shots for us.
that girl keeps upping her game every time! :)
it was sort of a terrible day for it - windy, rainy and freaking freezing.
i was an idiot and forgot poor cash's jacket - in the end he wore amanda's to keep warm (mother of the year award, right here.)
and nate was sort of grumpy, having only gotten a few hours of sleep the night before.
but in the end, i think we pulled it off!
these are some of my most favorite:
and this guy....such a good sport, despite it being freezing cold and frankly, a little boring. love that kid.