Friday, April 6, 2012


-- i've been having strange hamburger cravings. strange because...well, most meat just sounds awful. but the last few nights i've had dreams about chowing down on a monster, juicy burger from the restaurant. it's going to have to happen here soon.

-- my hips are really starting to kill me. some days are better than others - more often than not, i'm so sore by the end of the day that i can't even sit on the couch. nate was a good husband and blew up the birthing ball for me one night while he was up so that's helped. a little.

-- this boy has taken to pointing head down more and more these days. which is (hopefully) a good sign. i never once felt cash facing any other direction (literally - i only felt kicks and movement on the top and sides of my stomach the whole 9 months) so feeling kicks at the bottom was kind of freaking me out. which is silly but...there you have it.

-- i am completely useless on less than 6 hours of sleep. which doesn't bode well for me. but i can't seem to shake constantly feeling tired. perhaps not sleeping all the way through the night for the last 6 months has something to do with it? heh. in any case, if i stay up late (which means like...11) i end up with a raging migraine the next day. in fairness, i'm prone to headaches especially if i haven't had enough sleep but still...this sucks.

--i may have eeked out a tiny tear when i spotted 2 little stretch marks on my belly last week. i didn't get any until the very (VERY) end last time so i was a bit depressed.

 -- and then i found these pictures: the one on the left is me at 19 weeks with cash. i took a shockingly small amount of belly pictures the first time around so i haven't really had anything to compare it to. i (stupidly) thought i was about the same size as last time. and i soooo am not. which has me just a tiny bit terrified. nate keeps trying to make me feel better, pointing out that i haven't gained more weight then last time, that it'll all come off like before, blah blah blah. i love that he wants to cheer me up usually doesn't work.
seriously - i'm pretty sure i was this size at like...month 7...and a half. oy.

-- i keep trying to get cash to put his hand on my tummy to feel him kicking but he isn't patient enough. he totally gets that from nate. ahem.

-- nate's union is going on strike at work and i'm starting to panic just a smidge - we still have one piece of furniture left to buy for the boys room (the BOYS. man, that's weird to say.) not to mention our carseat, my kinda spendy diaper bag and a couple other things we need to fill in the gaps from last time. crossing my fingers that they get this contract stuff settled soon - this pregnant lady can't handle it.

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