Sunday, April 15, 2012

a whole lot of pee.

potty training is a trip, people.
it hasn't once occured to me how much of my day is dealing with someone else's pee until nate got squeamish taking cash's pants off after an accident. (truth: nate is kind of squeamish about all bodily functions but...that's another story.)
that aside, we are finally getting somewhere with this whole toilet situation.
if we're at home, he wears undies and his accidents are getting fewer and farther in between (he even willingly poops on the toilet - winning.)
we typically don't venture out of the house for any stretch of time without a diaper (we're not using pull-ups yet because i have a whole pack of diapers to get through.)
and we still haven't broached going on the 'actual' toilet. i have a feeling that is going to be a tough sell.
but dudes - he's getting there.
i never thought it would happen.
in fact, i was starting to get obsessive about it and was making matters worse.
so i threw in the towel, so to speak.
i put him in underwear every morning, asked him if he had to go periodically and believed him when he said no. i didn't force him to sit on the toilet every 20 minutes, didn't worry if he spent most of the day in a diaper because we had errands to run - i just let him be.
and it freaking worked.
when he has to go, he either says 'potty?' or 'bathroom?' - always in question form. and if he needs to go number 2, he simply says, 'change!'
and after every flush he yells, 'good job!' (he also does this after i go to the bathroom - i about died laughing when we were in the bathroom at target one day and he yelled out 'good job momma!')
i should have known that if i just let him be, he'd figure it out when he was ready.

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