Wednesday, April 4, 2012

the cousins.

we had our niece and nephew over for a few hours a couple weeks ago.
it was the first time i've had all three alone for any stretch of time and it was...interesting.
kahlea and cash actually had a great time playing together but MAN. that girl can make a serious mess.
she had my living room in shambles before i took liam's coat off.
it was rather amazing.
cash was super sweet with her (at least to begin with.) while they played outside, he wouldn't let her out of his sight and every time she fell he ran over to ask if she was ok. an excellent big brother in training, if you ask me.
they eventually got on each others nerves and the visit ended with everyone in tears, but they did manage to play nicely for almost 45 minutes in the kids room.
i have no idea what they were doing but i listened to them giggle and laugh the entire time.
i even texted nate to tell him about it, which is the exact moment that they both came out of the room in tears.
of course.
i am really good at jinxing things.

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