Monday, April 30, 2012


 -- i'm mourning the end of daffodil season but celebrating that our lilac tree is in full bloom.
-- got lost on this blog for far too long. so. many. crafts. i'm in heaven. cash and i are definitely going to have to give one of their 'crates' a try - i'm thinking the 'under the sea' one is going to be just about perfect.
-- i finally got around to making another batch of oatmeal cookies; cash has been complaining all week that the cookie jar was 'empty and all gone.' sheesh.
-- showed cash some pictures of a home birth via offbeatmama; nate was a little horrified. cash was fascinated. mostly in the baby and the nursing photos (obsessed with boobs, that one.) and there weren't any excessively...graphic shots. mostly, there's a baby in her belly, there she is screaming, now she's holding a baby! he was intrigued.
-- we've had all sorts of construction excitement around here the last 2 weeks. a couple of things were planned (new garage roof, new electrical from the house to the outer buildings) and several were not (broken pipe from the house to the septic tank, drainage problem with the septic tank and a whole in the pipe from the well.) how is it that something always seems to break when you start a new and completely unrelated project? i'm sorry grandma! most everything is done, with the exception of the garage, which means the trench that nate dug (by hand, i must add) needs to be filled back in:

nate is less than thrilled. it's slowly getting there. and i compensated for not helping with the digging/filling (which nate probably wouldn't have let me help do anyway) by mowing our entire yard. which took me about a week. no lie. we have a push mower and a yard that's roughly the size of a park - you do the math. 

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