Thursday, May 17, 2012


-- so here we are, coming up on 32 weeks. i'm kind of done. some days i still feel pretty great and have no complaints. other days...not so much. my biggest complaint is still my hips, with killer heartburn coming up a close second.

-- nate and i were lying in bed the other nate when he said, 'i don't think i can do this to you again.' i said, 'what?' and he said, 'pregnancy. having another baby. you're so miserable sometimes, i don't think i could handle it again.' i think he's kind of right. i'm betting on everett being the final addition to our family. which makes me a little sad and a little excited at never having to do this again.

-- sleeping is quickly becoming a thing of the past. its hard to get comfortable and STAY comfortable. but it's high time i get used to that anyhow.

-- we've had some unseasonably warm weather around here lately (like, in the freaking 80s) and i've gotta say...i'm really crossing my fingers that june stays a little mild. hot and pregnant is not a good combination for anyone.

-- i've been craving berries (any kind, but mostly blackberries.) every week i spend a ridiculous amount of money on berries since my freezer supply has long since been depleted. i can't wait for berry season on the farm - this lady is stocking UP. i've also had bizarre cravings for cool ranch doritos and circus animal cookies. 2 things i rarely, RARELY buy but now must be in the house at all times.

-- this boy is hanging out diagonally most of the time, with his feet on left side well below my ribs and his head in my left hip. when he stretches it feels like he's going to burst out alien-style.

-- i've been having braxton-hicks contractions virtually every day - some of them strong enough to actually really hurt. it wasn't like this the last time; i don't recall having any until the very, VERY end so this is a bit weird to me.

-- this whole time i've had my mind set on doing a vbac for the delivery (ie, vaginal birth after c-section) and nate's been pretty quiet but supportive about it. then the other day, completely out of the blue, he said, 'would you stop being so damn emotional about this and just schedule the damn c-section!?' i was having a rather hormonal day so i, of course, burst right into tears and was mad at him for the rest of the day. but after talking to him about it more, it boiled down to this: the idea of a vbac stresses him out. he's terrified that something will go wrong, i'll end up needing an emergency c-section anyway, etc etc. and it has been wearing on him for awhile, apparently, he just didn't say anything. poor dude. so after thinking about it some more...i think we're just going to schedule the c-section and call it good. i'm still worried about recovery (which is really the only thing driving me wanting the vbac in the first place) but nate has promised to take almost 2 weeks off work and my bestie julie has said she'll come over to help every day if i want her to (she's kind of amazing.) on the plus side, i'm going to look AMAZING in all of our birth photos because i'm totally doing my hair and make-up before we go. so there's that.

-- we bought the last of the major things we needed for everett's arrival (his carseat and bouncer, which is so freaking cute i can't even stand it.) and i've been dyeing up a storm with all of his crib sheets and changing pad covers. so really baby - a couple more weeks and you can just go ahead and come on out. seriously.

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