Friday, May 11, 2012

cash in may.

 -- he would totally live at the park if he could. he generally just ignores other kids and does his own thing, which makes it all the more hilarious when some sweet kid tries to befriend him. and cash just looks at them like, why are you talking to me? i'm trying to SLIDE here. he also likes to point out every picture i have of him on a slide and say, "slide - weeeeee!"

-- basically the only epic tantrums he's had in the last month or so have occurred when trying to leave the park. it's really not awesome trying to load a screaming banshee of a 3 year old into your car with everyone staring at you, thinking you're beating the hell out of him (which, to be fair, i kind of want to do sometimes.) because apparently their children have never had such a meltdown - fucking a-holes. no, i'm not bitter at all.
 -- he's actually starting to take notice of my belly. probably because it's gotten big enough that it's kind of hard to ignore. his favorite thing to do is blow raspberries on it because, let's face it - fart noises are ALWAYS funny. at least to us. i also catch him absentmindedly patting it (like one would pat a dog) and it's pretty dang sweet. he's felt him kick but hasn't had any reaction to it whatsoever. one time he was resting his head against me and everett kicked him HARD in the head - didn't faze him one bit. nate says he probably thinks i just have some really bad gas. thanks honey.

--  after months of fighting him on the damn potty training, he's really starting to get it. poop has still only happened a handful of times (too much information?) but he's got the pee thing down. as long as we're at home. baby steps.

-- we've also spent many months fighting with him about coming to the dinner table. i finally got tired of it and gave up. the very next day, he sat down at the table while i was dishing out our food, patiently waiting for his plate (never mind the fact that he still won't eat half of what i put in front of him - that's a separate issue.) and ever since, as soon as i start setting the table, he comes in on his own, sits through the whole meal and generally puts in a moderate effort to eat. all because i quit nagging him. this kid sometimes - he baffles me.
-- all he wants to do is be read to nowadays. being a voracious reader myself, i'm rejoicing thinking, "it's about damn time!" of course, he frequently asks for the same exact book over and over (and over) again. i'll just consider it a blessing that i'm beginning to have parts of his library completely memorized (big hungry bear and the boss baby - i'm looking at you.) and i love seeing what book he chooses to read before bed; this week's line-up has included there's a wocket in my pocket, a book about dogs, the elves and the shoemaker and the gas we pass. love it.

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