Tuesday, May 29, 2012

random tuesday thoughts.

-- cash has discovered how to make fart sounds and think it's the funniest thing in the world. good thing we think farts are funny in this house.
-- i pulled a muscle in my stomach napping the other day (yes, NAPPING. freaking ridiculous.) and it hurts like a motherf*er. every time everett stretches he pushes on the sore muscle and a part of me wants to die. i did realize that since i pulled the muscle, my hip hasn't been hurting. figures. frankly, i'd take the hip pain over this any day. surprisingly enough.
-- cash is obsessed with a cover of the song roxanne and must listen to it a dozen times a day. i hope he has an understanding teacher when it comes time for him to choose a song for a talent show. something tells me he's going to pick something not terribly school appropriate.
-- i've been working my little tail off (with the help of the bestie julie) to get stuff done in time for everett's arrival. sheets have been dyed, mobile has been found/cleaned/put up, clothes have been washed/put away,  last minute things have been ordered. it's been crazy. not to mention that our baby shower bbq is coming up in a little over 2 weeks and we've been busy making decorations and plans for that too. busy, busy month.
-- our c-section has been scheduled, so unless this boy decides to come early (which i'm beginning to think he just might - fingers crossed that he does!) his birthday will be july 9th. picking your child's birthday is so weird.
-- cash was asked the other day who was in my belly. he responded with, "food." so apparently he thinks i'm just getting fat. wonderful.
-- we recently got rid of our laptop and started using the ol' desktop again (and when i say old, i mean OLD.) nate and i were just talking about how nice it is to not have the temptation to be on the computer all the time while we're watching tv or...whatever. but since our computer is slow as dirt, i hardly ever make the time to get on. which means that i have a million pictures on my camera to upload and stories to blog. ah well, can't win them all.
-- i'm eagerly counting down the days until berry season starts. we just bought a deep freezer and i'm anxious to get that bad boy stuffed full of frozen fruit for the winter!

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