Tuesday, May 15, 2012

the boy's room.

it's finally (mostly) complete. art is hung, furniture is in its final resting place, toys are organized (ha! ya right.) the curtains are going to be changed this winter for some thicker material - of course, their room is the only room that is missing a storm window so it gets freaking cold in there. great for summer - winter, not so much. and i still need to locate the mobile for the crib and finish everett's sheets but otherwise, we're there.
and no, i didn't clean up or make cash's bed before these pictures...good thing you can't see under his bed because it makes me cringe. that boy is messy.
the prints are eric carle - i found a book on amazon of a dozen prints from his various books and HAD to have it. (thanks mom!) cash chose the penguin print, nate chose the tree/sloth one. they're hanging from some old skirt hangers i found in my closet. the original plan was to frame them but after finding some frames at goodwill and spray painting them, i realized they were too small. curses! i actually like this method better anyway - easier to switch the prints out if i want to.
we have serious book overload, which i love. may have to invest in another bookcase soon for the hallway.
that dresser was my dads. and the painted canvas were done by cash last year.
can you tell the boy likes to paint? it does make the closet nice and cheery. and you can't see it, but there's a toy bin (shelf? structure? whatever.) on the other side of the closet. the closet is HUGE so i don't really hang many clothes in it - it's really just an extension of their room.
the wall for cash's pre-school projects. he and i are both kind of burned out - i'm looking forward to the summer to re-charge. i also plan on hanging another eric carle print on the door, i just need to get some more skirt hangers. their hamper lives behind the door. it's dumb, but it's one of my favorite things in their room because it's bright orange. i love me some bright colors (in case you couldn't tell.)
and that's that. 

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