Wednesday, May 9, 2012


we're starting to reach a sweet spot with this boy - his language skills have come far enough that he can tell us what he wants or if something is wrong and is beginning to understand reason, cause and consequence and all sorts of fun things.which has meant a real dip in the amount of tantrums and time-outs that he subjects himself too.
and just when i say, WOW - he hasn't done anything excessively naughty in days!
he goes and does something like this:
somehow my suggestions of, markers are only for PAPER cash, don't seem to be taking hold.
this is also why no pen enters this house that isn't washable.
even still - that sweet little face is hard to get mad at.
hard. but not impossible.

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  1. Your floor now looks like our computer cupboard, only Stuart found the sharpies we use for labels at the store.They seem to have a hard time limiting their artistic expression to a small piece of paper, don't they?