Tuesday, June 26, 2012

sleepless in salem.

aside from not being able to sleep because i'm pregnant, cash has suddenly decided that sleeping all the way through the night is for losers.
he goes to bed in his own room just fine but somewhere between 11:30 and 4:00 he'll wake up and make his way into our room.
i've tried making him nap during the day to see if that helped (wow, it soooo didn't.)
i've tried adjusting his bedtime. which only resulted in making me crazy.
i've tried sending him back to his room in the hopes that he would eventually tire out and go back to bed (ha! ya freaking right.)
nate and i think he's realizing that his solo days with mom and dad are numbered and doesn't want sleep to  get in the way.
which is fine (and awfully cute) but man - i miss the days when i got to sleep without children elbowing me in the back or kicking me in the ribs.
thank god cash is an epic snuggler when he wakes up or i might smother him.

in other news, our garden is mostly alive.
we had some iffy days with one of our tomato plants - i thought for sure it was a goner but just last week it perked back up and is now full and leafy.
i don't think our carrots or onions are going to make it - i think they got into the ground too late.
and our watermelon and cantelope aren't looking so hot either.
but the lettuce and corn are thriving, the peppers look fantastic and the sunflowers survived their transfer from the pots to the ground.
the weeds and crabgrass are also thriving and i spend some time every day on my hands and knees pulling weeds. i can make crabgrass grow like nobody's business, apparently.
it's been rather rainy here off and on this june so we haven't needed to water much but when we do, cash MUST help.
it's awfully cute.

and last but not least, the countdown has begun - less than 2 weeks and everett will be here!

Thursday, June 21, 2012


early this week i had the worst night of sleep in my life.
i was up every 20 minutes, couldn't get comfortable and pretty much just wanted to throw in the towel.
by 6 am, i gave up trying to sleep and got up.
which is right about when i was hit with the worst back pain in the history of mankind.
i tried going about my day, washing the dishes and making breakfast, etc but by 9:00 i couldn't stand it anymore and thought maybe a warm shower would help.
ya. it didn't.
by 9:30 i was having contractions every 5 minutes, lasting about 45 seconds on the nose.
i put nate and my mom on alert and decided that we wouldn't be doing anything but watching movies that day (cash was thrilled - even more so when i said he could have whatever he wanted for lunch. he chose dried blueberries and some fresh cantalope - health nut.)
by the afternoon i called my doctor and explained what was going on - they were getting closer together but not any longer at this point. since i was technically still a few days away from being full term he advised taking a warm bath. it would either kick them into high gear or make them stop all together. either way, i didn't need to stress about coming in until they were at least a minute long.
we went about our evening; nate headed for bed as soon as he got home from work 'just in case.'
once i put cash to bed, i hopped in the tub.
and they stopped. just like that.
12 hours later.
i cried myself to sleep.
granted, yes i would prefer he cook just a little bit longer.
but 12 hours is a long time for no damn good reason other than to torture me.
so everett is officially grounded.
little bugger.

in other news, we had our baby bbq a couple weekends back and it was absolutely everything i hoped it would be.
i'm fairly certain every baby shower needs a bouncy house, rainbow cake and onsie tie-dyeing.

Thursday, June 14, 2012


so here we are, 36 weeks.
i'm done people, so done.
i feel like everett and my belly suddenly became enormous overnight.
it's getting harder and harder to do things...and by things, i mean breathing. and bending over. or rolling over in bed. it's good times, let me tell ya.
i have contractions daily, heartburn is going strong and every night my feet balloon up, which is so sexy. i also finally tipped the scale at 21 lbs gained - with cash i gained 25 (but lost 2 during the 2 weeks i was overdue.)
and if its not my hip hurting, its my lower back or stomach muscles.
this shit gets real glamorous the last month.
[[for the record, i've actually enjoyed moments of this pregnancy whereas the first time i hated every second. i just think it lasts about 2 months too long. i'm ready to get this kid out and be able to button my pants again.]]

all that to say...not even being 8 months pregnant is going to keep me from picking my beloved strawberries.
i picked 3 flats this year (not the same day.)
the last one was pretty rough - that was it for me.
my freezer is brimming with berries anyway.
[side note: i have a picture exactly like this from when i was pregnant with cash. can't get between me and my berries.]

Sunday, June 10, 2012

cash in june.

-- is obsessed with making fart noises, tractors, airplanes...and basically anything with a motor and/or wheels. typical boy.
-- likes to boss piper around.
-- loves to be read to and is learning new words at lightning speed. we have a dr. seuss 'dictionary' book that we go through several times a day. his new favorite word is santa, which cracks me up.
-- thinks 'before bed' snuggle time is the most important part of the day.
-- showed off some big brother skills when his younger cousins were over for a visit. i think he's going to rock it. and also drive me completely insane.
-- says, 'bess you' to anyone he hears sneeze. including random strangers at the store. and he loves to tell people 'thank you' even if its for no reason at all.
-- sometimes thinks that 4:45 is a perfectly acceptable time to be awake, despite my repeated efforts to inform him it most certainly is not.
-- will bring me toys in bed while i'm trying to wake up. which means that there are many nights that i climb into bed only to find it littered with trains and play food. and there's nothing quite like rolling over onto a small wooden block at 2 am. good times.
-- sets up bits of train tracks all over the house. one morning he had a track (complete with train) going around our bathroom sink. it was so cute i had to leave it up.
-- loves to play with his cousin 'worts' even though they mostly bicker and fight when they are together.
-- is generally just the coolest kid around. cause i'm not biased or anything.

Friday, June 8, 2012

these two.

since i can no longer sleep comfortably at night, i can no longer form coherent sentences.
bullet points it is!
-- you can always tell when nate has been working for a couple of days because as soon as he gets home, cash is attached to him like glue.
-- he's also started calling him 'nate' - oops. nate has always been better about calling me 'mom' or 'mommy' around cash. i'm working on it.
-- when nate leaves for work at night, cash has to wave to him from the back door until he pulls around towards the front of the house. then he races to the living room window to wave as he continues down the driveway.
-- cash really needs his 'guy time' and i'm so thankful that nate is finally starting to pick up on it. now, he'll take him on 'guy' errands without a second thought.
-- when nate gets home from work in the morning, cash runs to the back door squealing, "daaaaddddyyyyyyy!!" in that high pitch tone only little boys seem to possess.
-- i love watching how close they are - i hope they are best friends for life.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

dance, magic dance.

cash never tires of dancing.
he's currently obsessed with swing music and yes, it's the cutest thing in the world.

Monday, June 4, 2012

the crawford's grow stuff.

so we've been talking about planting a garden for a couple of years now but never could seem to get up the effort (or time) to do it.
which is a shame since we have the biggest yard in the universe and freakish soil that grows things when it shouldn't. (i'm of the opinion that my great-grandfather built the house on radioactive waste - its the only explanation.)
this year we had no excuse for not getting it done and voila! a garden was born.
nate tilled and got the ground ready, i planted (sidenote: i always helped my dad with our huuuuge garden growing up and let me tell you - i am so spoiled by the extra effort he put into getting the soil ready. it was like planting in powder. nate's? not so much. heh heh.) and i am basically in charge of keeping everything alive and free of weeds. no small feat, i might add.
i planted 2 weeks ago and we are already seeing corn, lettuce, sunflowers and melon sprout up. all of the plants are surviving with the exception of one tomato that seems to be on its deathbed. no sign of carrots or onions yet though that end of the garden is so full of tiny weeds its hard to tell the difference.
in any case, i'm damn proud of my little garden that (so far) i've managed to actually make things grow in.
here's to hoping we actually get some produce out of it this summer!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

let's talk pet peeves, shall we?

so the days of not being hormonal and overtly bitchy are long since behind us and i've got to get something off my chest: everyone who thinks telling me, "you're barely showing!" or "awww, you finally look pregnant!" or something along those lines...and thinks that it's a compliment? you are fucking WRONG. 
so wrong that i really just want to punch you dead in the face. even if i really like you. (sorry julie - but that means you too.) 
and what pisses me off even more is every time i tell someone this, they argue with me. 
first off, since when is arguing with an 8 months pregnant woman considered a good idea? 
secondly, just shut the hell up. 
seeing as most women 'feel' pregnant virtually right away and then feel like they 'look' pregnant not that much longer after that (regardless of whether that's entirely accurate or not) basically telling them that you've been thinking they look completely normal for the last 8 months makes them go wait - WAIT. you mean to tell me that you think i look this fat normally? 
i know that's not everyone's intention (at least, i hope not) but still - just keep the comments to yourself. 
or better yet, why not just say, "hey, you look great!" or "your belly bump is so cute!" or something. SOMETHING. 
because this late in the game, it's hard to control the stabbing hand. 

 with cash.
with everett.

for the record, looking at the few pictures i have of my belly at this point with cash compared to now, i think i look about the same. maybe a bit smaller but i'm also carrying everett A LOT lower than i did cash. (this may be TMI, but i swear we are just a week or two away from him just falling out.)

Saturday, June 2, 2012

the 25th.

so. ya. it's my birthday.
yet another "milestone" birthday spent being pregnant (go figure.)
i was pregnant with cash on my 21st, now pregnant with everett on my 25th. in all honesty, my boys are probably saving me from being hungover tomorrow so...thanks for that. :)
instead i'm going to spend my day eating whatever sounds delicious and celebrating my cousin graham's high school graduation.
a good way to spend the day indeed.

[ps - i can't BELIEVE that boy is graduating from high school. his was the first diaper i'd ever changed. i feel like such an old lady.]