Thursday, June 14, 2012


so here we are, 36 weeks.
i'm done people, so done.
i feel like everett and my belly suddenly became enormous overnight.
it's getting harder and harder to do things...and by things, i mean breathing. and bending over. or rolling over in bed. it's good times, let me tell ya.
i have contractions daily, heartburn is going strong and every night my feet balloon up, which is so sexy. i also finally tipped the scale at 21 lbs gained - with cash i gained 25 (but lost 2 during the 2 weeks i was overdue.)
and if its not my hip hurting, its my lower back or stomach muscles.
this shit gets real glamorous the last month.
[[for the record, i've actually enjoyed moments of this pregnancy whereas the first time i hated every second. i just think it lasts about 2 months too long. i'm ready to get this kid out and be able to button my pants again.]]

all that to say...not even being 8 months pregnant is going to keep me from picking my beloved strawberries.
i picked 3 flats this year (not the same day.)
the last one was pretty rough - that was it for me.
my freezer is brimming with berries anyway.
[side note: i have a picture exactly like this from when i was pregnant with cash. can't get between me and my berries.]


  1. Somehow or other i ended up gaining 38lbs with Alice...

  2. OMG. That belly. Love, love, LOVE it!