Sunday, June 10, 2012

cash in june.

-- is obsessed with making fart noises, tractors, airplanes...and basically anything with a motor and/or wheels. typical boy.
-- likes to boss piper around.
-- loves to be read to and is learning new words at lightning speed. we have a dr. seuss 'dictionary' book that we go through several times a day. his new favorite word is santa, which cracks me up.
-- thinks 'before bed' snuggle time is the most important part of the day.
-- showed off some big brother skills when his younger cousins were over for a visit. i think he's going to rock it. and also drive me completely insane.
-- says, 'bess you' to anyone he hears sneeze. including random strangers at the store. and he loves to tell people 'thank you' even if its for no reason at all.
-- sometimes thinks that 4:45 is a perfectly acceptable time to be awake, despite my repeated efforts to inform him it most certainly is not.
-- will bring me toys in bed while i'm trying to wake up. which means that there are many nights that i climb into bed only to find it littered with trains and play food. and there's nothing quite like rolling over onto a small wooden block at 2 am. good times.
-- sets up bits of train tracks all over the house. one morning he had a track (complete with train) going around our bathroom sink. it was so cute i had to leave it up.
-- loves to play with his cousin 'worts' even though they mostly bicker and fight when they are together.
-- is generally just the coolest kid around. cause i'm not biased or anything.

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