Thursday, June 21, 2012


early this week i had the worst night of sleep in my life.
i was up every 20 minutes, couldn't get comfortable and pretty much just wanted to throw in the towel.
by 6 am, i gave up trying to sleep and got up.
which is right about when i was hit with the worst back pain in the history of mankind.
i tried going about my day, washing the dishes and making breakfast, etc but by 9:00 i couldn't stand it anymore and thought maybe a warm shower would help.
ya. it didn't.
by 9:30 i was having contractions every 5 minutes, lasting about 45 seconds on the nose.
i put nate and my mom on alert and decided that we wouldn't be doing anything but watching movies that day (cash was thrilled - even more so when i said he could have whatever he wanted for lunch. he chose dried blueberries and some fresh cantalope - health nut.)
by the afternoon i called my doctor and explained what was going on - they were getting closer together but not any longer at this point. since i was technically still a few days away from being full term he advised taking a warm bath. it would either kick them into high gear or make them stop all together. either way, i didn't need to stress about coming in until they were at least a minute long.
we went about our evening; nate headed for bed as soon as he got home from work 'just in case.'
once i put cash to bed, i hopped in the tub.
and they stopped. just like that.
12 hours later.
i cried myself to sleep.
granted, yes i would prefer he cook just a little bit longer.
but 12 hours is a long time for no damn good reason other than to torture me.
so everett is officially grounded.
little bugger.

in other news, we had our baby bbq a couple weekends back and it was absolutely everything i hoped it would be.
i'm fairly certain every baby shower needs a bouncy house, rainbow cake and onsie tie-dyeing.

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