Sunday, June 3, 2012

let's talk pet peeves, shall we?

so the days of not being hormonal and overtly bitchy are long since behind us and i've got to get something off my chest: everyone who thinks telling me, "you're barely showing!" or "awww, you finally look pregnant!" or something along those lines...and thinks that it's a compliment? you are fucking WRONG. 
so wrong that i really just want to punch you dead in the face. even if i really like you. (sorry julie - but that means you too.) 
and what pisses me off even more is every time i tell someone this, they argue with me. 
first off, since when is arguing with an 8 months pregnant woman considered a good idea? 
secondly, just shut the hell up. 
seeing as most women 'feel' pregnant virtually right away and then feel like they 'look' pregnant not that much longer after that (regardless of whether that's entirely accurate or not) basically telling them that you've been thinking they look completely normal for the last 8 months makes them go wait - WAIT. you mean to tell me that you think i look this fat normally? 
i know that's not everyone's intention (at least, i hope not) but still - just keep the comments to yourself. 
or better yet, why not just say, "hey, you look great!" or "your belly bump is so cute!" or something. SOMETHING. 
because this late in the game, it's hard to control the stabbing hand. 

 with cash.
with everett.

for the record, looking at the few pictures i have of my belly at this point with cash compared to now, i think i look about the same. maybe a bit smaller but i'm also carrying everett A LOT lower than i did cash. (this may be TMI, but i swear we are just a week or two away from him just falling out.)


  1. i'm so happy for you Hot Mama!

  2. :( Im sorry friend, In my mind I WAS telling you look amazing and svelte (Im not entirely sure that is the correct spelling). I heart u! You are hoTT!